Gosh Body Lotion "body mo: ist" Berry Body Lotion

I noticed for myself that the last six months (maybe more) on the shelves in the bathroom a lot of products with berry odors began to appear. Today I will show a small part of my berry care, but the most beloved.

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Intensively moisturizing body lotion Gosh Body Lotion "body mo: ist" blackberries mures (Blackberry)
Description of the manufacturer and composition on the back of the tube:
This product is my first acquaintance with Gosh cosmetics and very successful. I ordered the lotion over the Internet, so I chose the name of aromas. And I was not disappointed - he is very cool!
The lotion is not very liquid, white. Product Swatch:
Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, smells delicious blackberry. If you smell it from a tube, then the smell is a bit sour, but as soon as the lotion is absorbed, the sourness goes away and the skin smells like natural blackberry. The aroma is quite persistent - during the day it will mix with perfume. I try to apply before bedtime and fall asleep in this smell, but by the morning there is no trace of it. They really like it. The manufacturer stated that the lotion is intensively moisturizing, and this is true! The skin after it is really moisturized - even the summer burning sun did not dry out the skin. All thanks to him! In addition, the lotion is very economical.
Term of use: 3 months
Price: 184 rubles
Rating: 5!
Intensively moisturizing body lotion Gosh Body Lotion "body mo: ist" cranberries (Lingonberry)
Enthusiastic about the blackberry lotion, I ordered myself a second one, this time with the smell of lingonberry. The manufacturer’s description and composition are similar, but nevertheless I’ll leave a photo, because there is a slight change in the composition.
The consistency and color is indistinguishable from blackberry:
The lotion is similar in properties to the previous one - it also absorbs quickly, leaves no film on the skin, moisturizes remarkably. And again, the tube smells sour, but it disappears on the skin and remains a pleasant, but much lighter aroma than blackberry. I also apply lotion at night so that you can use your favorite perfume in the morning without fear of mixing smells.
I liked it more by smell, so I took this lotion with me on vacation. Mountains, burning the sun, strong and piercing through the wind did not become an obstacle to this lotion - the skin remained moisturized.
Term of use: 2 months
Price: 184 rubles
Rating: 5!
I presume to use both lotions after this scrub.

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