Flormar: Nail Enamel 323

Have you already met your perfect polish? And I just met recently. And today I will gladly share my little discovery. Honestly, going to the trays in the transition, I had a desire to try the highly praised Golden Rose varnishes, but in fact I left not only with them, but also with a dark red varnish Flormar nail enamel plain number 323. I have been looking for such a varnish for quite some time: dark burgundy, from a distance similar to black, but at the same time with a distinct shade of clotted blood. And so I found him!

A simple, but already recognizable, design, a standard brush without any frills, which, however, does not prevent it from being very comfortable.

The excellent quality of the varnish, which practically does not smell, dries quickly, gives an excellent glossy finish that does not fade during wear.

In one layer it does not fit quite evenly, and the manicure seems unfinished.

But in two layers it's just some kind of fairy tale! A completely homogeneous coating that completely smooths the surface of the nail (recently my nails are slightly peeling, due to which some irregularities appear on the tips, thinner areas that this varnish completely conceals).

The varnish does not contain glitter and even a hint of them; it has the color of a very ripe, almost black cherry. With artificial lighting, it seems that it is just black, although if you look closely, its true color is revealed. In daylight, the red tint is clearly distinguishable.

And the last thing that makes this varnish completely indispensable is durability. On my capricious nails, where the varnishes last the last six months to stay no longer than a day, Flormar lasted 4 (!) Days without a single chip, and only on the fifth began to wipe off the tips a little. For me, this is an absolute record. In addition, for all this time, the varnish did not lose its glossy gloss, which in general ended up constantly prompting me to think that in terms of quality it is rapidly approaching either gel polish or shellac (of course, far from 100%, but still).
And, finally, a completely amazing price of 10 hryvnia, which in my understanding does not at all fit with the quality obtained.
I remember, once I had a claim to varnish of a similar shade from Rimmel, in particular in color and durability. So Flormar Nail Enamel 323 completely surpassed him in all respects. My new perfect pet, I’ve been wearing it for about three weeks now and don’t even want to try other marketing varnishes.
Estimated price: 10 UAH
Rating: 5

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