New DiorSkin Nude in Marie Claire Anniversary Edition

Recently a fresh issue of the magazine appeared on sale Marie claire. I don’t read magazines, I bought them only because of a sampler - you won’t ever interrogate them with our cons, and I really want to get acquainted with the new product. I love Dior tonal products.

Release anniversary for october in the form of a large box in which there are two magazines and a sample of foundation. The foundation is only in the large version of the magazine (!) They are being sold out very quickly, in some kiosks the sellers did not even hear that I am big, but I managed to pick up the last number in the kiosk near the house. The magazine is packed very well, I think the chances of buying a magazine with a pulled out sample are close to zero.
The price, in my opinion, is a little expensive - 150 rub (Novosibirsk). I read that in Moscow and St. Petersburg for 100r and even 80r
The sample is quite voluminous - 5 ml (usually in the store they give 3 ml tone samples), the tone is light 020 finally and quite common. I think many will suit the color.

The amount of foundation is enough to get to know the new product properly and form an opinion.
I have not tried it yet.
I would be glad if it was useful

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