Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active High Volume Lip Plumper Reviews

Good evening, beauticians!
I stared at this shine for a long time. I read your reviews about him, but I could not understand if I needed him or not. The price for it, to put it mildly, is not small, and I did not believe in a miracle from him.
But in the end, succumbing to the autumn depression and deciding to cheer herself up, I bought Maximizer and another Dior fondant (I will write about it in the next post).
To begin with, I want to say that I really liked the tool.
I am the owner of long, almost always loose hair, so for me the main thing in shine is not stickiness. The second is the color - I really like mirror gloss (as I wrote in another post "the effect of Vaseline on the lips"   ) and Dior creates the effect of wet lips. Thirdly, it is a wonderful property to smooth out all the cracks and create a feeling of perfectly smooth and puffy lips. Maximizer holds well on the lips, an hour and a half (it seems to me that this is normal for such a shine). I also liked the tingling and cooling effect, however, be careful! this shine may cause an allergy. I don’t know which component, but my sister’s lips really swelled from him, I had to take Claritin. The only minus that I found with him is absolute uneconomy! Glitter really disappears from the tube in front of the eyes).
Well, now the photo:

Bare lips.
And with brilliance.

And the whole thing (forgive me, that the unpainted one, jumped up this morning to take photographs   )

As a result, I want to say that brilliance is worth the money. Of course, he does not increase his lips, but visually they improve.
Price: in Latual with a discount of about 1300 rubles.
Duration of use: about a week
Rating: 5!

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