Inglot Lip Paint Rouge A Levres # 57 - pink joy for artists and not only

Good evening, beauties! How do you like the first week of autumn? It seems to me that the weather is fine outside, which makes you go for a walk and go to the shops along the way where you can buy the right and not very nice little things. One of these I recently brought home from the Inglot brand store. She turned out to have lip color in shade 57. The purchase was not accidental: before that I looked and read the wonderful post of Olechka (nickname Coluchka). I was on fire with the acquisition of this product, for a long time I chose a neutral-light shade, as a result, my catch was a pink-doll paint, about which I would like to write a post today. And also show you this product from all sides known to me. Who cares, welcome to cat.

The photo:
We have such a laconic box
And such a paint

Paint was bought with such an automatic lip brush
Brush closer (sable fibers)

Detailed opinion: I don’t know how I didn’t have time to try this paint before, because the product is a cult. I now understand why This is not just lipstick, or shine, or pigment, or care. That's all at once! Convenient application, nothing clogs anywhere, does not creep and does not spread. The color is saturated and even. The lips after and while wearing this paint feel comfortable. For me there are only 2 minuses: it is not convenient to carry and use outside the home; small palette bright shades. Everything else is just beyond praise! I highly recommend trying at least one shade - I'm sure you will want to buy a few more later, because the product is really worthy and of high quality. The brush also did not disappoint - it is very convenient for her to apply and distribute the paint on her lips. The truth is not sure of the reliability of the automatic mechanism, but time will tell. In my opinion, this paint and brush formed a good tandem. I suggest to look at swatch

Price: Paint 500 rubles, brush 350 rubles.
Test period: about a month
Thanks for attention! Have a nice evening! I’m Tanya, it’s possible for you