Little troublemaker from Lumene

Lumene Natural Code Nail Styler # 33 Troublemaker

Hello girls!
I bought this varnish after recalling Ani, I wanted to get the same unearthly beauty on my nails.
As soon as I got into the WG, I immediately bought it.
I am simply fascinated by this varnish!

Modest bottle, just 4.5 ml ... not enough!
Information on the lid, composition on the packaging - on which? The bottle went without a box.
Probably, you should look at the general box.

The brush is small, but very even and comfortable - flat.
I liked the varnish in all respects. The first layer lies evenly, but completely transparent, in two you can already wear it completely if applied thicker. But I applied in three layers to get the maximum color. It dries quickly enough, on the third layer it was dried by Orly Sec'n Dry.
When I painted my nails - it was cloudy, and the varnish on the nails seemed dark, steel. But the sun came out, and he played with his bright shimmer - beauty!
I liked how the varnish looks on my tiny nails, as if visually increasing the nail plate. Irregularities of the nail does not emphasize (I was afraid of this). For some reason, it turned out to be thicker on the middle and index fingers, it’s strange ... It’s noticeable, of course, only on the macro.
As a result, I will say that I am very pleased with the varnish, Anya thank you so much!

The bottle is also very beautiful, you can watch and admire.

Rating: 5.
Price: a little more than 90 rubles. in the WG.
Thanks for attention!
Regards, Nick.

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