Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick Irresistible Color - reviews

Hi guys! Long time ago I did not write anything. Until the summer was over, I decided to post my "garden" post. This time under the eye of Givenchy lipstick.

I am not a fan of the Givenchy brand. But I could not help but try their classic lipsticks in black lacquer cases with a brush. These three beauties were bought at duty-free. Full volumes each in an individual box were packed into one more, representing a set. The colors seemed wearable and I took all three.
I am delighted with the design. Very stylish and concise. It is important that for a long time of use, the plastic has not been scratched at all. The caps hold tight, do not open in the bag. And about the fact that the system with the characteristic ponytails was used by more than one manufacturer of budget cosmetics, I will keep silent.
In quality, all three shades are identical. Therefore, I will express my opinion once.
The texture of the lipstick is cream. But it’s quite dense. Completely overlays lip color. When applying lipstick, it thaws, as it were, applied evenly and easily. The first time gently moistens. But this humidity is deceptive. Humidification does not have to wait. Perhaps the problem is in my constantly dry lips, but I can’t wear this lipstick all the time. At the end of the day, the lips require a powerful portion of nourishing balm. I found a way out that I alternate these lipsticks with others. That is, I do not wear several days in a row.
The undoubted advantages include decent durability. Lipstick does not flow, is not smeared. In this case, the pigment does not eat into the skin of the lips. Removed with the usual makeup remover. I wear without problems before eating. Usually I choose them when there are long performances in front of the audience and there is no way to correct the makeup of the lips.
I can not say about the shades. They are so versatile and calm that they will certainly suit many. They are always appropriate, always in trend. It is on them that I invite you to take a look.
No. 02 - Enchanting Beige
No. 12 - Sensual Rose
No. 06 - Precious Rose
We look swatch on the hand:
Order: 06, 02, 12
And now, each individual swatch
No. 02 Enchanting Beige
Delicate calm light beige shade. Brightness depends on the pigments themselves. Could even call him a nude. Unfortunately, such shades do not decorate me, so after this photo shoot he went to his mother. We look on the lips:
And in the shade
No. 06 Precious Rose
Warm pink-brown shade with the smallest golden shimmer, which is visible only in the sun. He is so politically correct, a great office option.

No. 12 Sensual Rose
And my darling. Still, the colder shades are more for me. This is a vibrant pink tint that can be flooded depending on the lighting.

So, as a conclusion: good basic lipsticks. I attribute a slight dryness to my personal problems with the lips. Mom does not complain about this, although she has been using this series for a long time. But for me, all the same, Guerlain's lipsticks will remain the favorites. But about them another time.
Rating: 4+
Price: about a thousand rubles after the discount
Duration of use: 10 months
Well, lastly lipstick and I'm in No. 12

Great weekend to everyone! I am still Katya. May you!

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