Budget wash Mousse for washing Camomile allergy stop! from Dr.Sante

Good afternoon, beauticians! I want to share my opinion about the wash basin, which, as it turned out, is being produced in my homeland! * shoked *
A bit of background. I was looking for a light wash that would wash my makeup off, remove the oily sheen and not overload the skin. Rather, I dreamed so much for myself, I didn’t particularly read reviews and didn’t even look at what washes with such desired effects. Once I went to the pharmacy on my own business and walking past the stand with cosmetics, my eyes fell on this jar. Delicate in appearance. Grabbed and went. Somehow, even no thoughts spun in my head. The key factors for the purchase were the price and the inscription on the back of the jar “removes dust, makeup and other impurities”.
Already at the checkout, the pharmacept told me that it was for sensitive and dry skin, but I missed my ears and quickly walked home to try. I have combined, oily skin in the summer ...
Here is how much it produces mousse in one click:
Rubbed on the armI will say right away, this mousse immediately won my heart. Such a light, soft, dense foam at the same time! In a jar, it looks like an oily, slightly yellowish liquid. It rinses cosmetics well, I have enough 2 zilch to remove my everyday makeup (powder, pencil, mascara). When without makeup, one zilch is enough. The skin is then tender, cleaned, not oily, which is very pleasing. I can’t say how the skin will react more dry and sensitive, but on the jar, on the front side they write that the mousse is designed specifically for such skin. Yes, and "allergy-stop"! About profitability, I bought it somewhere in mid-June, immediately began to use. Half a can is left. BUT! For 10 days at sea, I mercilessly used it 4 times a day (in the morning, you only wake up, after the first trip to the sea, after the second trip to the sea and at night) for 3-4 zilch. Therefore, there is an estimate of how much he will save money I can not) And in conclusion about the smell. At first it is slightly nauseous for me, but when washed, it disappears very quickly and does not remain on the skin.
Rating: definitely 5!
Test Lines: 1.5months
Price: 21UAH (approx. $ 2.5) but saw 16 UAH!
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