My shower fragrances (dolce milk)

About 6 months ago, I went to Letual and went to the stand with these delicious fragrances, I could not resist and bought a couple. I think few people succumbed to these smells. After some time, some kind of mania began, and I wanted more and more. This is how I formed this small collection.
Full title - Shower gel Dolce milk
1. Milk (it smells like condensed milk, I don’t feel anything chemical)
2. Forest berries (the smell is similar to chemical, boring quickly)
3. Strawberries (also gives a little chemistry, but not as much as berries)
4. Grapes (smells like sour grapes)
5. Chocolate (I still think that there is not chocolate, but caramel)
Their properties are exactly the same, only the smells are different.
From the manufacturer: Soft shower gel helps maintain the necessary level of hydration throughout the day
From me: Foams perfectly, the foam forms slightly colored, which makes me very happy. The smell after washing lasts about an hour. It dries the skin a little, it doesn’t matter what kind of gel I wash, I always smear with milk, so dryness is not a problem for me
Who is interested in the composition:
And here is the Forest Berry gel: similar to lip gloss

Rating to all - 5
Price: approximately 200 rubles
Testing period 6 months
Next, another little thing - Exfoliating shower gel Dolce milk
6. Scrub Apricot (smells like natural apricot, I don’t feel chemistry)
From the manufacturer: Delicate gel - scrub with a delicious apricot aroma gently cleanses the skin and gives a feeling of freshness
From me: I don’t use it so often (I forget about it all the time). The smell, as always awesome, does not last very long. Small particles do not scratch the skin, the skin after its application is very soft. I am only a little confused by its consistency, well, it’s kind of strange, it looks like batter
The scrub itself:

Rating 5
I don’t remember the price to kill
Testing period: about 4 months
I hope my first post was a success
My name is Katya, please contact "you"

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