My first acquaintance with Essence

Once, running out of the shopping center, I noticed an Essence booth (some posts with positive reviews that I read on a beautician immediately flashed in my head) and decided to take several products for testing. I’ll tell you right away: I get great aesthetic pleasure when I use a suite, but I also really enjoy the different quality and pleasant products of the mass market (for example, I love the Bourjois tonal Healthy Mix, a lot from Artdeco, Maybelline mascara, Max Factor, etc. ) Essence does not like the design at all: cheap plastic, silver labels that quickly disappear, etc. such cosmetics with their appearance reminds me of a toy, or from my school days. But its contents surprised me. For every day, for easy makeup - excellent. Because basically I like the variety in blush and sparkle - I bought them. Shadows are not interested - I rarely use shadows, usually nude shades or the colors of champagne, or an arrow.
Group photo :

Let's start with the sparkles:
Essence xxxl shine nudes lipgloss lip gloss (05 forever rose)
Creamy and delicate lip gloss milky peach color, with a small shimmer. In general, I always preferred cold colors in the decoration (I chose blush and pink shades and never bought peach shades), but having stumbled upon one wonderful post (and here it is) I decided to try new shades, and they, in my opinion very refreshing me. Creamy texture, very nice on the lips, does not roll. I will not say what moisturizes or nourishes the lips, i.e. I did not feel leaving. With a macro it is visible that it flows a little into folds, but this is not noticeable in life. There is no taste. The smell is just awesome (for those who like sweet, pleasant aromas). I remembered for a long time what exactly it smells of, and I remembered: I have a melting body milk from Garnier, in a green package, with shea butter. So, it is this pleasant smell
Rating: 5 (I like a lot more than I often used YSL Golden Gloss - sticky and cloying)
cost: 5 $
Essence glossy lipbalm lip gloss in shades of Pink dragonfruit, Berry sorbet.
I did not expect that there are such good glosses for only $ 2.5! Both are almost transparent, with a small delicate shimmer. Fruit aroma and sweet taste. Unlike the previous one - they are thicker, and therefore more sticky, but also, they better nourish the lips and moisturize. I am very comfortable with them on my lips, it feels no different from Lancome Juicy Tubes. I apply it with a brush, because I don’t really like such packaging (a plastic beveled nose with a hole).
The first is Pink dragonfruit. Of these two, I like more, thanks to its smallest red shimmer. It is very difficult to convey in the photo, but in life it really looks beautiful and juicy.

The second is Berry sorbet. Similar to the previous one, but it contains a silver-raspberry shimmer, a little brighter.
Score: 4 (cons: stickiness, and the shimmer is going a little bit in the creases of the lips)
cost: funny! 2,5 $
Next - Blush Essence Silky touch blush in shades of 40 Natural beauty, 30 Secret it-girl. Here I was even more surprised than with sparkles. I’ll say in general: very loose (and this is a plus! I don’t like too much pressed), with a gentle flicker of blush, well pigmented.
The first - 40 Natural beauty:

I like these more than the following. This is the perfect color for contouring (and for all faintly tanned girls). For a long time I was looking for a bronzer without yellowness, without a redhead, not very shiny ... and so I did not find it. Neither Dior, nor Chanel, nor YSL I liked. The only thing I liked the EL bronzer, but somehow it does not pull. I bought Pupa 03 - very good, but still too bright. And when I saw these blush, I realized that I do not need a bronzer, I need a blush for sculpting. I recommend to everyone!
Next - 30 Secret it-girl

These are my first peach blush. I took it to a shine to see in general whether peach-carrot colors suit me) Honestly, such shades do not impress me and I always avoided them, but as it turned out, they really suit me. Again, the texture is delicate, initially they are matte, but when you start using it, a light shimmer appears under the top layer. Deer delicate color
Rating: 5 (packaging - no comments ...)
cost: approximately $ 7
Well, I liked the quality of cosmetics very much, I’ll definitely go back to the Essence booth if I’m in the mood to buy something cheap and high-quality.
ps: nail polishes are awesome there - but that's another topic, and the beautician has a lot of posts about varnishes.
pps: in my light make-up I used (except for the shine and blush of Essence) Diorskin Forever powder, Volume Glamor Max Bourjois mascara.

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