Handsome OPI Big Apple Red NL N25

Good afternoon, beauticians! Today I want to show you another handsome man from the six recently acquired by me "Honey agarics"

Full name of varnish:
So let's look at the OPI Big Apple Red NL N25
Detailed opinion:
Classic red lacquer with unmatched gloss and jelly texture. It is applied perfectly, does not strip in the first layer (can be worn in 1 layer). But in 2 layers, he certainly looks better! Durability, like many OPI 3-4 days, with a top-5. The varnish is not thick, but not liquid. It dries quickly with drying (I have ORLY). The varnish is good in every way! For me, this is my only red! I think I found him!

450 rub
Thanks for attention! I am Anna. It is possible to "you"

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