The story of how I won overweight, and my active helpers

January 2012 67 kg, now 53)

A little bit about yourself. Less than a month ago, I was 21 years old. I’ve never been super thin, but I wasn’t more than 55 kg, I’m small 155, I gained 23 kg during pregnancy ...
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First, let's talk about the Fitness Body series, I just adore it - it seems to me that there really is an effect, a very inexpensive lineup, but effective in my opinion.
1. Floresan fitness-body - Mud thermal mask for problem areas of the body

The consistency is very dense, I put it on my hips, tummy and sides, after 5 minutes I begin to feel a slight warmth, then the heat starts! It is necessary to wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse, you need to apply a thick layer, the smell is very sharp, in general the whole body line has a similar smell, in my opinion it is effective if it is used in the sport + diet complex like any other remedy, it won’t such that once anointed with a mask lost weight, this is just an addition.
rating 5
term of use 2 months
2. Floresan fitness-body - Algae-silt gel-elastic for tightening the skin and reduce stretch marks

The consistency is similar to jelly, ohhh well, and he smells! but it is effective, it tightens the skin well, doesn’t greatly reduce stretch marks, therefore, to improve the effect, I first dissolve two mummy tablets in it.
rating 5
half a year of use
Last of this series
3. Floresan fitness-body - Slimming and body shaping gel

Promises us an ultrafast waist reduction. I use it before the abs exercises, it also gives a heat effect! It smells quite sharply - something citrus, incomprehensible, in consistency, the gel is absorbed quickly, not sticky. He’s already running out of mine, I still need to buy it.
period of use 3 months
rating 5
I will definitely try other means from this series.
Without losers, of course, nowhere. And here is my outsider.
4. Black Pearl - Anti-cellulite gel corrector 2 in1

I bought a stock - I got it very inexpensively.
It promises us minus 5 centimeters. He’s lying without blushing! Moisturizes well from serious cellulite, it won’t save me, I just massage my thighs, I won the cellulite so it’s just for prevention, it has a pleasant sweet smell, it has no special effects like floresance, it’s just cream like cream, the consistency is normal, I won’t buy it anymore.
period of use 3 weeks
rating 3
The losers are over. Let's move on to the excellent students.
5. Vichy Action Integrale Vergetures - Universal cream for stretch marks

This is the second tube, I have been using it diligently since the first weeks of pregnancy, the result is not a single stretch on my stomach. But I didn’t smear the sides, and stretch marks appeared on them. According to the consistency, a fairly dense cream, not absolutely sticky, it does not absorb too quickly, but it is tolerable for me. Very effective tool! The smell is pleasant - it smells of some odor incomprehensible. Very worthy cream, coped with its tasks with a bang!
rating 5 ++++!
And finally, a couple of photos before and afterSport and diet helped me a lot, creams helped the skin not to lose its agility, all this works perfectly together! Just brushing a little cream!
Well, that’s all I hope you enjoyed the post. I am Louise, come to me on you.

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