Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Hello girls!
Before I could try out my French acquisitions from Ciate, a consultant from Dior called me and told me that varnishes from the collection had come to them Dior Summer Mix 2012. For myself, I chose two colors from 4 presented: Dior Vernis Gloss 118 Acapulco and Dior Vernis Gloss 198 Lagoon.

The color difference is due to lighting, the first photo was taken in the evening at home, and the second in daylight.
Let's start with a color that is not characteristic of me; I would even say a favorite yellow. Here we are only talking about color and its shades.
Dior Vernis Gloss 118 Acapulco not ideal for application, it is not always evenly distributed on the nail plate because of this I had to put three layers on some fingers, but not on all. The color is picked up easily and even plentifully. Dries fast. Glossy jelly coating. Without a top, varnish reflects light very well. I wouldn’t pile Acapulco with bright yellow, it is a dirty shade of sunny color. Thanks to this, he does not look on his hands, like greetings from the 90s.

Price: 892 rub
My rating: 4+ (plus for jelly texture)
The second hero of my story Dior Vernis Gloss 198 Lagoon.
A blue hue, really a Lagoon, separated by a reef from the sea, somewhere in the shadow of the cliffs there is a fantastic corner with a mysterious world. This varnish already in the first layer covers the nail plate evenly and without gaps.
Here are the photos taken in the evening.

Price: 892 rub
My mark: 5+
And here is my two-tone manicure made using the novelties of the Dior house.

Thanks for attention!
P.S: I didn’t use top on top of varnishes.

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