Givenchy Lip Liner Pencil Waterproof Reviews

Today I want to talk about one interesting little thing, namely a lip liner from Givenchy lip liner waterproof No. 11 Lip pink. He already had a review.
I will also make my contribution. What is its feature and what is interesting, I ask you to get acquainted under the cut.

The photo:
Detailed opinion: I don’t use lip liners, the lipstick contour is enough for me. I rarely complain about their spreading, so ... I probably got this pencil as another decorative tool. What can be said about this shade - it is such a characteristic mother-of-pearl pink nude. As I was told it is used as a highlighter for the lip contour and for visual increase in volume (oh, this volume is the glory of Angelina Jolie does not give rest) The pencil is moderately soft, but also dense enough not to “oily the lip contour” and not to wear off / spread. It is recommended to be applied slightly speaking beyond the natural line of the lips.
But the funniest feature of this pencil is that it is a clone of the famous liner Cupid from Guerlain (created with the same functions as the hero of my post) I can only say right away that the Guerlain pencil is more beige, and the liner of the lively has a pink hue. But I’m even better, because its lip pigment gravitates toward pink cold.
When applying, of course, I was not wildly delighted, but what the manufacturer promised - to beautifully highlight the contour of the lips and give a visual volume - in my opinion the pencil fulfilled all 100! I like the beautiful effect of it on the lips, which ennobles any product used in tandem.
I think it's time to move on to swatch.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
He looks like a cupid, the same mother-of-pearl nude, only with a pink undertone.
On the hand.

On my lips I used it paired with my favorite Dior Addict Lipstick No. 260 Rose deshabille
Lips with a liner.
Liner + lipstick

Price: 850 p.
Test period: 2 weeks.

Watch the video: Givenchy Universal Black Lip Liner with Sharpener, oz on QVC (November 2019).