Ren. Facial Care Overview

Today I will introduce you to the products of the organic brand REN, which I have been using for half a year. Ren is my first experience using organic cosmetics, the brand is pretty to me, but I promise to be objective.
I have sensitive mixed skin, in a tropical climate the t-zone is oily. More recently, I stopped fighting acne, but there were still spots and fear of new rashes.
Features of REN Dispensers
A few words about the dispensers and move on to the description of the products. if you not interested in reading about dispensers, skip the next 3 paragraphs.
So, we have three types of dispensers. For me, the dispenser is almost a decisive argument in favor of buying one or the other means, and I believe that you need to write about it.
The big bottle has a very interesting design, I see this for the first time. Inside the plastic cup is a package with contents, when pressed, the package is squeezed and through the tube the product enters the spout of the dispenser. Such a dispenser gives out 100% of the product. The dose for one application is too large, ideally you need half a click. In order to understand how much product is left, you need to get the package by prying the glass with something flat. Agree, not very convenient.
Face creams have a problematic pump dispenser, it gives out the optimal amount of cream, but often sticks. Have to turn the jar upside down and knock the cap on the head on a flat surface. By the way, such a metom is not at all my know-how, this is written in the FAQ on the brand’s website.
The last type - like a small jar of cream for the area around the eyes, this is the usual pump-action dispenser, dancing with a tambourine is not needed. The gel gives a bit too much, but it’s convenient to control the pressing.
Next to the point.
REN Mayblossom T-zone Control Cleansing Gel
With this gel for washing began my acquaintance with REN. Means for oily and combination skin is a snotty gel with air bubbles. The gel should be applied to a dry face and neck, massaged and rinsed with warm water, cold can be washed off with great difficulty. It smells very amateur, something sour, at first the smell annoyed, but then I got used to it. The skin after application is well cleansed, very smooth and cold. And this is not just a wash, there is a special effect.   Not only does the gel have a bactericidal effect, which is very important for owners of problematic skin, but ... tadaaam it mattifies the face, after applying the face remains matte for 4 hours! It does not dry and does not tighten the skin. Just a miracle! True, the consumption is large, 250 ml with a stretch is enough for 3 months and I pre-wash the cosmetics with oil.
Price: 15 pounds
Duration of use: 6 months
Rating: 5+ (this is the second bank and yes, I will take more)
REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish
Gommage has a rather oily creamy texture with a few scrubbing particles that resemble semolina porridge. The smell of the product is grassy-mint, the cold on the face is not felt. To apply on damp skin, to wash off as well as a gel for washing it is necessary with warm water. I use 3 times a week. Gommage is super gentle and delicate, suitable for owners of very sensitive skin, will not aggravate cupirosis. I did not notice a special effect after application, the skin does not become smoother and moreover there is no “as after pilling” effect. I had no peeling over the entire time of using the gommage. In general, I can’t say anything bad or good, the skin does not look worse than when using more rigid scrubs. The volume is just a huge 250 ml, it is consumed slowly, when I won’t finish repeating, I like tougher scrubs. Price: 15 pounds
Duration of use: 3 months
Rating: 3+
REN Hydra-calm Global Protection Day CreamCream from the lineup for sensitive skin I bought according to enthusiastic reviews, given that the cream is suitable for combination skin, although most creams for sensitive skin are usually designed for sensitive, dry skin. The texture is quite dense, the cream has calming, moisturizing and nourishing properties, is absorbed quickly enough, there is no sensation of stickiness and film. Cream came up to me. The skin after application is nourished, although it is slightly shiny. The cream copes with dryness and soothes irritated skin. There is only one “but”: the cream is well suited for weather +25 and less, but the cream is simply not designed for warmer weather. If you suddenly felt hot or you ran on foot to the 7th floor, then the cream will flow, and makeup will also flow with it. And no matter how much time has passed since the application, makeup and mood will be spoiled   I live in a tropical climate, the cream is waiting for a trip to cold countries or a sharp cooling. Composition unfortunately lost.
Price: 26 pounds
Duration of use: about 4 months (from December to April)
Rating: 4
REN T-zone Balancing Day Fluid
I bought this fluid on the advice of a Ren consultant. By the way, it is worth noting the sociability and response speed of the support of. site. After the delight of using the cleanser, I did not have a single doubt - the cream will suit me. But this is a complete file. The cream does not absorb at all, despite the matte finish, a thick greasy film is felt on the face. I am not a fan of glycerin creams, but this cream is very heavy, causes discomfort, like a fellow flows godlessly and there can be no question of matting. You can’t even try to apply makeup, for a maximum of a couple of hours under the conditioner when using mutating powder. In fairness, it is worth noting that the brand is English, and in England the temperature + 34s is a rarity, and perhaps in a colder climate the cream will behave well. But personally, I don’t need a matting cream in a colder climate, because Combined skin becomes oily dry. I tried to use this cream as a night cream, without leaving the air conditioner, but there is no sense in it, it also does not absorb, it also lies in film. Thank you for not doing worse. It is not possible to tolerate this on my face, as a result, I wash off this grief fluid, wipe my face with tonic and do nothing more during the day. Price: 22 pounds
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Assessment: the remedy did not suit me, I will not evaluate.
REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel is another favorite from REN.
Light gel for the eye area. When squeezed out, the gel holds its shape well, when it comes into contact with the skin, it melts and is applied like water. It is absorbed quickly, but not instantly, the base for makeup is applied perfectly. Gel perfectly fight swelling, for the entire time of use, I never woke up with swollen eyes. Moisturizes by 5+ removes wrinkles caused by dryness, fights bruises a little worse, the result of a sleepless night certainly will not remove. Frankly, the promised radiance did not increase, but I would like to. I’m pretty gel and it is great for a tropical climate, for the summer I recommend!
Price: 17 pounds
Duration of use: about 3 months.
Rating: 5
I am pleased to continue my acquaintance with the brand. In the wish list, purchase body care (except for creams, I do not want to repeat mistakes) and, of course, face masks. I continue to search for the perfect summer cream for combination skin beyond REN.
Thank you all for your attention!

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