I can not be silent

Hello, Girls!
I am almost 33 years old, but I have not tried luxury care so far. The fact is that my skin is of a combined type, there are enlarged pores, black spots and inflammations happen. Therefore, I sought salvation in pharmacy care. I didn’t even look in the direction of the suite, and when it finally matured, they began to frighten unflattering reviews about the composition of luxury products.
There have already been years (bastards) making themselves felt - wrinkles began to appear ... I just got the idea that after a couple of years I would jump from the pharmacy to the anti-aging products of professional brands.
But then it happened on March 8th. And as a gift from my daughter-in-law and brother, I received a set of skin care products from Dior:

Dior Mousse Purete Nettoyante Purifying Foaming Cleanser - Gentle Cleansing Foam with Crystal Iris Extract

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From me: The product is intended for cleansing normal and combination skin. Foam with pearly shine, really soft, cleanses the skin well and does not dry it. The aroma of iris is very light and unobtrusive. It’s quite economical: I’ve been using it for three months now, I think it’s enough for the same amount. I’m unlikely to buy it again - among the washbasins I have my own favorites, proven over the years, and I experiment more often and more boldly in this area ...
Rating: 5
Dior Lotion Purete Tonifiante Purifying Toning Lotion - Cleansing Tonic Lotion with Crystal Iris Extract
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From me: The tonic is very pleasant, all with the same aroma of iris ... To tell you the truth, I always missed this step of care. Not a single tonic has I been able to "finish off." But now I understand that apparently I didn’t choose those — before there were all drying and alcohol-cured ones. And I use this, I have to, I have to ... I also like it ... The skin after it is soft and fresh, even the cream doesn’t ask.
Rating: 5
Dior Hydra Life Skin Performance (Pore Refining Perfecting Moisturizer) - A moisturizer that evens skin tone
From the manufacturer: (not found in the catalog)
The highly active anti-aging serum Hydra Life contains an extract based on Mallow, which activates the penetration of moisture enriched with beneficial substances to the very "heart" of the cells, stimulating Aquaporins * - the "water channels" of the skin.
Perfectly moisturized, the skin looks incredibly smooth and even, and the complexion is fresh and radiant. The texture of the skin improves markedly as a result of narrowing of the pores.

From me:
Here he is, my hero!
For a long time I got used to it ... The bubble is stylish, beautiful, but secret - you won’t know how much money has been spent / left. The cream itself (gel? Rather a crossover) is pink in color, rather thick, as if rubberized ... Despite this, it is quite easily distributed on the skin and quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky film or greasy.
The first days she was very worried - she was afraid of clogged pores and pimples, and even worse - allergic rashes. I didn’t know: either not to move away from the mirror — to guard all troubles, or, on the contrary, not to look into it, so as not to get scared.
Three weeks later, I was already in aesthetic shock. The skin from the cream will not say that it has become pink and glowing (this will not happen to me anymore), but some ... resilient, nourished, as if leveled and tightened.
After two months of use, I left for my mother, naturally grabbing my favorite cream. But something, apparently on the road, shook him coolly - the dispenser no longer gave me a single gram of the drug. I was very upset, thinking that the cream was already over. I rushed to my mother’s supplies, upon returning again I went to the pharmacy, took from LRP .... So what? During the week of my ordeal and throwing, I earned inflammations that I have not had for eight years. Good thing I didn’t throw out the Dior bottle. He earned! My joy knew no bounds! The skin in a week came to a normal, healthy and radiant state. Yes, now I realized that she shone! Health and confidence (everything is relative). Complexion became more uniform, pores were reduced.
And I know for sure that when this bubble ends, I will buy a second one!
Rating: 5+
That's how my skin began to eat luxury, and she likes it.
Duration of use of these funds: three months (for now)
Thank you all for your attention, I will answer all questions of interest with pleasure.
I'm Julia ("you")

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