ANNY Nail Polish Reviews

Hello dear beauties!
In continuation of the varnish theme, I’ll tell you about one of my cream favorites - No. 386 from Anny.

I love Anny varnishes. I love them for brushes, names, and most importantly - I love their palette! The stand of my growth, all set up with jars, every time just knocks me down, makes me forget about everything in the world. I can consider and choose for hours, although I understand that this is stupid
The hero of today's post - a thick cream with a dreamy name - Dancing in the rain, saturated blue, or blue with a touch of green, or azure - I'm not sure. The shade from the Panton palette 302 seems closest to me. This color is universal and all-weather for me: if I wear pink and orange shades only in summer, then such dark blue shades - at any time of the year.
The brush is comfortable, wide and long. The lacquer itself is a creamy texture, but quite liquid. Shimmer does not have. It is ideally applied in two layers, dries quickly enough. Color changes depending on the lighting - from warm to cold blue. In order to fully enjoy the color - you need bright lighting, in the dark the varnish is almost black.
As for socks, these are not the most persistent varnishes that I have - steadily withstands two days, after which cracks appear.
I am completely delighted by his native gloss. In bright light, everything is reflected in it! Before applying it, I go through the nails with a buff and I always apply the foundation - then an incredible shine is provided.
In the photos, the varnish is applied in two layers with a top.

The cost in the Brocard network is 130 UAH (about 13 euros) without a discount.
Rating: 5.
Hope that was helpful.
I am Nata, to me that "you"

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