Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature Reviews

As a gift to my last order, Yves Rocher sent me a lipstick "Zero Flaws", which I am not completely satisfied
I ask under kat:

What the manufacturer says about lipstick:
Pure, rich and bright color, durability for 4 hours!
Bright and persistent color! Limnantes oil to enhance color. Lightweight, delicate texture for optimum glide and softness. Persistence without overdrying lip skin. A pure, rich and bright color that lasts a long time without fading or erasing. Velvety, shiny matte finish. Gorgeous lip makeup, radiant and velvety. Tested under dermatological control.
Advantages: Accurate and pleasant application thanks to the ideal lipstick diameter.
My opinion:
Yes, it’s true about stamina. Yes, it’s true about sliding application. Yes, it's true about bright color. But how bad she lies! Emphasizes all peeling. Zero flaws, but how, it flows into folds. And lips, to me personally, dry out. It smells like some kind of cheap lipstick, the smell is not pleasant to me. The color is generally beautiful, orange. He does not suit me, but the manufacturer is not to blame for this.
nude lips:
with light application it’s still not bad:

but putting on fatter ...

for me personally, it is wearable only in a translucent form, on top of the gloss of Collistar, which I wrote about here
seen sparkles

Rating: 3- (for color and durability)
Price: 449 rub
Test period: 2 weeks

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