Lipsticks Artdeco High perfomance 428 and Passion Lips 05

In March, I had two new favorites. I read a laudatory posts about the brand, and in particular, specifically about these lipsticks, I chose two shades (girls, thanks for your juicy visual reviews!). I believe that I found my perfect nude and another very beautiful red. I always have little red, but I’ll probably stop at nude. Anyway, bye :)

Perfect red:
Very elegant, laconic tube, it is pleasant to get from a bag:
The color in the bottle matches the way it will look on the lips. You can vary the intensity - from very gentle - to intensive application.

Lipstick lies very delicately, you can achieve a variety of effects, each new layer will be uniform and accurate. I solemnly promise to learn how to make normal swatch, but according to my feelings, it is these lipsticks that are more likely to give pigment to lips rather than hands.
It’s brighter in life, but it’s clear how calm and perfect it lies
General form:
Artificial lighting:
General form:

And now my perfect nude:

As the girls have already written here, a very elegant bottle:

The most accurate color reproduction:
On the hand:
artificial lighting:
general view in natural light:
Tender than a nude lipstick I didn’t have. After acquiring this, I lost interest in finding shades of a similar tone.
Picture for memory :)
quality is the highest
easy application
texture - delicate
resistance - amazing, drinking and eating and talking in normal mode is possible and necessary, nothing will happen with makeup. Nevertheless, I use other lipsticks at the lecture, they can’t stand my broadcasting for many hours. No aesthetic troubles arise, but the color begins to decline).
hydration - eat
flaws - does not emphasize
luxury design
the aroma is delicate, barely perceptible, one might say, almost absent.
I did not find any flaws. Grade five.
Price - about 470 rubles without a discount in Letual.
The term of use is 4 months.
Thanks for reading! a lot has been written about these lipsticks, but maybe one of the girls will also benefit from my post. I’m Marianne, have a nice warm holidays!

Watch the video: ARTDECO High Performance Lipstick (November 2019).