MAC Cream Color Base Reviews

Dear girls, today I will tell you about one ambiguous inhabitant of a cosmetic bag for me, namely MAC Cream color base in a shell shade. If you're interested, please come under the cut

As always, I will start with a description of the manufacturer to read on the beautician
From me, I bought it after laudatory reviews of beauty bloggers on it. Everyone was so praising this flicker base that I decided, and what makes me worse and I too. True, I chose between shades of Luna and Shell for a long time and hard. Someone liked the Moon more, someone liked a shell, but it’s better to take Shell for the summer, so I got this shade, and I’ll buy Luna for the winter. And now a detailed review of what I like about this product and what not. By the way, there are more minuses for me than pluses. She is not my favorite. Why, read below
So, the texture is creamy, dense, oily, lilac-pink-beige (depending on lighting) with very noticeable and tangible golden large sparkles. The case is ordinary, for owners of long nails it’s uncomfortable, since there is no brush in the application. At first, when there is still a lot of it, then how to pick it from the bottom? I apply on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow and sometimes on the bridge of the nose. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will look like a pink pig with a purple tint. Golden sparkles shimmer very beautifully in the sun. And EVERYTHING ... This base is very sticky ,! constantly everything sticks to it, I mean all sorts of dust makes it sloppy to your face, so that for oily and combination skin (like mine) it doesn’t work, you shine like it's smeared with oil. And in the heat it’s also swimming, and not just bold. Persistence on my skin from the strength of 1.5-2 hours then begins to peel off. In general, there is nothing special about this product. I’ll try the moon after all, its flicker is more delicate and unobtrusive.
Grades for texture-3
Per packing-4
for durability-3
for finish 4-
for a beautiful color in a jar-5
Bottom line, my rating is 3+. Just not for my skin.
I’ve been testing for more than a month
Price 605 rubles on a strawberry
Now let's enjoy it.
In the shadow

In the sun, (here is the beauty !!!)

On the hand and on the finger in the shade

in the sun

well, on the cheekbones

That's all, I hope my review comes in handy.

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