Collistar Gloss Design Lip Gloss Reviews

good day  
Today I will tell you about my recently acquired shine Collistar, which I am satisfied)
anyone interested, ask for a cut)

I really liked the gloss design. the tube seems to be spinning, transparent, with a golden top. The brush is rectangular, flat, with villi. Comfortable enough. The handle of the brush inside is transparent, so the illusion is created that it is not there, and I'm right in awe of such a cool little thing  
a photo:

The texture of the shine is gel-like lacquer, if I may say so, i.e. it is thick, not liquid. Shimmer, sparkles and other things not. It is just transparent. The smell is sweet, fondant. I am pleased to wear it :)
Higher than ordinary gloss. He kind of envelops his lips, smoothes their surface. The gloss remains on the lips for up to two hours, then it leaves, leaving behind a sensation of lip balm and soft lips.
you can see the same "enveloping":
and more general view:

Rating: 5+
Price: 200 with something hryvnia, I don’t remember :))
Test Duration: Month
Thank you for your attention, have a nice day! Your Natasha  

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