Artdeco Eyeshadow Base Reviews

Hello dear beauty maniacs!
I want to tell you about Artdeco products that I have bought more than once.
1. Artdeco Soft Contour Lip Liner - A soft retractable pencil with a sable hair brush, tone 25.
This pencil is almost perfect for me: it is soft - it easily contours the lips, without stretching them at the same time. Resistant - does not spread. The tint is close to my natural lip color and fits most lipsticks and glosses. As a bonus comes a convenient brush for applying lipstick - I often use it. Pencil shaft twisting. There are no disadvantages in this pencil for me, I have already bought the second such pencil and plan to buy this shade in the future.
On the hand
On the lips
Purchased in the shop L Etoile
Price - about 350 r
Term of use - several months
Rating - 5
2. Artdeco Eyeshadow Base - Base for shadows with a neutral color and cream texture.
I am the owner of the “overhanging” eyelids, my shadows roll off instantly, so the base for the eyelids is an urgent need for me) The base is a dense cream of pinkish-beige color with small sparkles. When applied to the eyelid, slightly visually smoothes the surface of the skin
There is a smell, it is chemical, but it disappears quickly. I draw the base from the jar with a brush, put it on my eyelids, and then shade it with my finger. Shades of shadows at the base look brighter (of course, there are shadows that look equally good both at the base and without the base). But as an example, I’ll show you how the purple hue from the Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette - Eyeshadow Quartet, 08 vanites looks like on the base and without the base
The durability of the shadow base also increases. But, with my centuries, it is still not enough until the end of the day - in the evening the shadows begin to "roll". In fairness, I’ll note that without a base, the shadows roll off after 2 hours. When I apply the shadow, they “stick” to the base, and, accordingly, it’s more difficult to shade. In general, for me personally, the product is not bad, but not perfect.
Purchased in the shop L Etoile
Price - about 300 r
Term of use - more than 1 year
Rating - 4 (I still hope to meet a base that will keep shadows in its pristine condition 24 hours a day for my ages)). Unfortunately, in our city in shops only the Lumen and Art Deco base are presented, there may be others, but I have not met them
I wish you all a summer mood and beauty!
Your alyona

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