Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara

good day

My review will be, as you already understood) about the mascara-stimulator of eyelash growth "Hyper Length" from Oriflame.
Here she is:

And with a brush:
The brush is not very comfortable for me, I like silicone more)
Detailed opinion:
Well what can I say? Mascara is not ah, but not fu. Something mediocre.
Here's what the manufacturer says:
Our latest achievement is an instant increase in eyelash length! Mascara with the Pro-Long Complex ™ complex stimulates the natural process of eyelash growth. Admire the incredible length every day!
Nuuu ... I don’t know how to stimulate growth, I don’t dye her eyelashes every day, alternating with other carcasses, but yes, it lengthens the eyelashes a little while gluing them a little. But not terrible)
And what I liked about her - she absolutely does not weigh down her eyelashes, as other mascaras do. She just can not be heard on the eyelashes)
It does not crumble.
Well, in general, ordinary mascara for every day.
Eyelashes without everything. Not very rare and not very short, but very very light:
And, yes, we do not look at the eyebrows

We open our eyes - we do not observe eyelashes:

Well, with mascara:

66 UAH (about $ 8), with a discount of 46 UAH (about $ 6).
Test period:
A month somewhere, maybe less.
Let it be 5 with a big minus
That's all, Katya.

Watch the video: Hyper Stretch Mascara (November 2019).