O.p.i, Ezflow, IBD Hand Care Lotions

Good day to all!
In today's post we will talk about lotions for the care of hands and feet.
I have quite problematic skin on my hands; in winter it becomes extremely dry and requires constant hydration. I tried a large number of creams, about some of them I will now tell.
Who cares, I ask for a cut!

1. IBD Belicious Goji Berry Lotion Nourishing & Antioxidant - an antibacterial lotion for softening the skin of hands and body with the smell of cranberries.
The creamy lotion is pinkish in color, thick enough to absorb quickly and does not leave a greasy film. It can also be used to massage the hands, does not roll. The skin nourishes well, the effect remains for a long time. The only negative for me is the smell, although it is pleasant, but quite persistent and holds on hands for a very long time. A jar of lotion with a dispenser is a rather convenient thing as long as there is a lot of cream, when it remains quite a bit, it does not work. The photo shows how much cream is in the jar, but this is no longer enough for the dispenser to work. As with all dispensers, if you do not use it for a while, the product remaining in it freezes and must be cleaned before use.
Term of use: more than a year
Volume: 265ml
Price: $13.00
Rating: 5-
2. Ezflow Silky Soft Hand & Body Lotion Cucumber Melon - hand and body lotion with the smell of cucumber and melon.
This is not the first hand lotion of this manufacturer that I use, previously they were produced in a slightly different package. I bought at the exhibition after tasting and choosing a fragrance. In total, 6 different flavors are presented. With the smell of cucumber, my husband and I liked the most. More liquid, with a very pleasant delicate aroma, I also use it for massage. It perfectly moisturizes, refreshes, soaks in a couple of minutes. It gives a slight cooling effect. The skin after it becomes soft and soft. After this lotion ends, I’ll definitely buy another one and really want to try other lotions from this series.
Term of use: more than a year
Volume: 236ml
Price: I don’t remember exactly, about $ 10.00
Rating: 5
3. O.P.I Manicure & Pedicure Lemon Tonic massage - lotion for manicure and pedicure Lemon Tonic massage.
During the spring / summer and while shopping for a large number of new shoes, my legs needed more hydration and healing ... My legs usually get used to other shoes for a long time and I decided to use this cream. The cream is presented in several volumes - 125ml and 250ml and is presented in 8 flavors. I did not make friends with O.P.I varnishes, as in other matters I was somewhat disappointed with this cream. In texture, it is a yellowish cream gel with an adherent, persistent odor. What I didn’t like in the first place was that it was impossible to test the product in the store. The cream is sealed and even checking how it smells, like it or not is not possible. It moisturizes well, absorbs quickly, corns helps to heal. I should have had the smell of lemon, but it smells of plastic and this smell haunts me all day, so I use it only to moisten my legs and only at night. Cream in a tube, convenient to use. I use this cream to the end, but I won’t buy it a second time.
Term of use: 1 month
Volume: 125ml
Price: $14.00
Rating: 4
Thank you all for your attention!

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