"Hi freaking" or my facial skin care

Hello, lovely beauticians!
Recently, there is absolutely no time for writing posts, and, taking minutes out of my eventful pastime, I wrote this story about taking care of myself.
There is no single product in the photo - it is 100% natural cocoa butter.
Why am I strangely entitled to it? Because after pregnancy and childbirth she said "lip-bye!" my skin with little problem, and away we go ... my skin just went crazy, and only rare raids into the city were available, runs at a furious pace to pharmacies and shops, all on the run, on the fly, in a hurry. It was frankly scary to look at yourself in the mirror - the face was covered with subcutaneous tissue and inflammation, red spots appeared, the nose and forehead with chin shone, and the cheeks resembled a terry towel - peeling was so strong. To my postpartum depression, there was also added constant displeasure about my appearance - I gained 25 kg of excess weight, I didn’t know what was happening on my face, there was no time to at least slightly tint - and this, frankly, is no way out of the situation .
At night I read to the beautician, I thought, wondered how to fix the situation. Gradually, after 4 months of daily, or rather, nightly, systematic care, the face returned to normal, but now the state of the norm is preserved only with the use of makeup products, and not as it was before - washed and ready.
Actually, I would like to tell about assistants in this matter. The post can be divided into four parts: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nutrition.

1. Nevsky cosmetics - Baby bathing tool from head to toe "Eared Nanny"
Yes, you were not mistaken - this is exactly a children's multifunctional care product, which is now an absolute favorite among my "washbasins", we and our daughters use it together.
During my motherhood, I had one "outing into the light", and having come from the event in a state of inability to be tired and unaccustomed, I siped off in the bathroom, putting my baby to bed. All my washbasins remained in another bathroom and there was no strength to follow them, but I had to wash myself. Not long choosing between this product, my and my husband’s shower gels, shampoo and soap, I chose this bottle, washed it ... and was subdued by it for a long time. It foam very well, even the remnants of Bibi-cream, mascara and pencil were washed off the face with a bang, moreover, after washing the face felt so comfortable that even a moisturizer was not needed. The skin does not dry, does not tighten, does not cause irritation and allergies. By texture - liquid shampoo is a figurative transparent substance that smells nice (for me - the sweet aroma of the head of a native child). A very economical means - for four months of daily bathing of the child from the head to the legs and my washing, half the bottle was gone.
Definitely, this bottle is with me for a long time.
Rating: 5
Price: I don’t remember exactly, about 3 cu
2. Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub
Exfoliating gel, adapted for deep cleansing of sensitive skin. I do not quite understand this exfoliant, to be honest. Soft non-traumatic synthetic scrubbing particles of white and red color, of which there are very few in a scrub, do not exert any exfoliating effect on my face. She did not notice the promised return to her skin of freshness and radiance. Scrub weakly, really - very, very gentle, I would like a stronger tool. After application, the skin is soft and velvety - but it is a merit on the scrubbing particles, but rather on the basis to which they are added. The aroma is pleasant, the texture of a liquid scrub. I use twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays, in the morning.
I won’t buy it anymore.
Rating: as a scrub - 2, as a means for washing - 5.
Price: about 25 cu
3. Inositol Vegetal Mousse-En-Creme Nettoyante Polissante
Cleansing smoothing facial wash with vegetable microspheres. Something like a scrub from Avene. Very soft, when washed, a gentle, airy, light foam is obtained, scrubbing small particles that do not injure the skin. After washing, the feeling of a cream on the face - the skin is moisturized and does not require additional funds. I use it at night, if I do not paint. The aroma is pleasant, the product is economical.
Rating: 5
Price: about 13 cu
4. Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel
Cleansing gel for daily cleansing of the skin. A fairly aggressive cleanser, requires mandatory moisturizing after use. With the fat content of the t-zone it copes at times, matting, after washing, a feeling of cleanliness "before the creak". For the summer - that’s it. I would be afraid for the winter. It smells fresh, something citrus-chemical and chyme-citrus. Foams slightly, the gel is quite thick, light greenish. Very economical tool.
Rating: 4
Price: gift for the purchase of cream.
5. Avene Cleanance Soapless Cleanser.
Cleansing gel for hygiene of oily and problem sensitive skin with a tendency to acne. Composed of 56% of thermal water. This tool is similar to Vichy Normaderm, but less aggressive. It cleans while creaking, but not so tight. It dries the skin, does not dry, namely it dries, the fat content of the t-zone removes, mattifies. It smells of something pharmacy, it foams well. Suitable for both cold and warm season. After washing, apply the cream is not necessary, enough thermal water and tonic.
Rating: 5
Price: 18 cu
Tonic agents.

1. Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water
Biologically pure thermal water, highly mineralized. I use after washing and for, fix makeup. Good water, but the spray is too large. It does not give moisture, but soothes the skin and completes the cleansing well. Flavourless, almost without taste, without color. I think everyone knows about thermal water, I won’t write much, especially since I already wrote a post about it including it.
Rating: 4.
Price: 11 cu
2. Vichy Purette Thermale Skintonic
Moisturizing and soothing tonic based on thermal water with glycerin. Good tonic, soft, really moisturizing the skin. It smells nice, economical. After application, stickiness is felt, but it takes about 10 minutes. In hot weather, I use it on my own after washing and thermal water, you can do without cream. It fits well with the tonal Vichy Aera Teint, it’s better to lay on it.
Rating: 4
Price: $ 16
3. Avene Thermal Spring Water.
The properties are similar to Vichy, the difference in mineral composition, slightly sweet taste and finer spray. I use every day after washing.
Rating: 5
Price: 10 cu

1. Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating, soothing adjunctive care
Moisturizing anti-inflammatory cream to accompany acne treatment. The consultant in the pharmacy persuaded me to buy cold cream, but I still did not understand why he needed me, and bought this cream. I was not mistaken with the choice. Like all Avene creams, it's a bit heavy, but you can get used to it. Easy to apply, spread on the face. Matts the skin. After applying the minutes after 15-20, I no longer feel it on the skin, which for me is a big plus. The aroma is light, pleasant. The cream is economical. When applied under tonal means does not provoke their departure from the face, the powder lies on it evenly.
Rating: 5
Price: about 20 cu
2. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Sootning 24H Hydrating Care Light
Moisturizing 24-hour cream-care for normal and mixed skin is light ... A good moisturizer, really light, but for some reason I feel it on my face in the heat - not critical, but still. It copes with peeling very well, with prolonged use it evens complexion and improves skin condition - it has a cumulative therapeutic effect. Easy to apply, spread on the skin. Under tonal means Vichy is ideal. The aroma is light, unobtrusive.
Rating: 5
Price: about 30 cu
3. Vichy Normaderm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate
Active cream concentrate of local action. A light greenish cream, when distributed on the skin, gives a matte and as if powdered finish. I apply to areas where there is inflammation, redness, enlarged pores, every other day at night. It copes with pores so-so, but removes redness during the night. Very economical. even too much - I hardly use the tube before the expiration date.
Rating: 5
Price: about 25 cu
4. Clarins Men Moisture Cream
And again used for other purposes, and again a favorite. Very good light moisturizing gel cream, completely not noticeable on the skin. It moisturizes perfectly, it fits perfectly under the makeup, it smells nice and I would not say that it’s completely masculine. I gave it to my husband, but I use it myself - he does not use such funds. Uneconomical, almost three months empty the bottle. Convenient packaging with a dispenser, hygienic and pleasant to use.
Rating: 5
Price: about 56 cu

100% natural cocoa butter.
The one and only product that dealt with my peeling the first time and for a long time. I bought 200 grams of this miracle product in a confectionery store at the local confectionery factory. 200 grams is a lot! The aroma is divine, chocolate, astringent, pleasant, delicate ... the texture is melting, also tenderness itself. I apply 1-2 times a week, usually on Thursdays and Mondays, all over my face at night, and I also actively use it to care for my lips, body, hands - for each part of my body I have a separate jar of oil. Eliminates peeling, improves the general condition of the skin, relieves irritation. It can be used with ground coffee, cosmetic clay or oatmeal as a scrub. The only mask I use, but its effect is unique.
Price: about 1.5 cu per 100 grams
Rating: 5
Thus, in 4 months of systematic care, my skin returned to normal and the reflection in the mirror no longer scares me. By the way, I took off my extra 25 kilograms in three months.
I will be happy to answer your questions.
Be beautiful!
Your Alena.

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