Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm Reviews

Hello Beauties!
I will show you a berry handsome who promises to care for his lips.
I have long wanted to try this balm. The promotional photo of this product was simply mesmerizing. But all hands did not reach. And on the eve of the coming summer, I still bought it
I chose one of the brightest shades presented at that time: cherry red 05 chunky cherry. Bright lipsticks are not frequent guests in my cosmetic bags. But I bought the promised ease of formula and clearly did not fail.
Pencil-shaped shine was very convenient. The lead is twisted out, like with conventional lipstick, as it is grinded. The color of the gloss matches the color of the pencil itself.
The coating gives a moist and translucent with a slight flicker. After spending several times it is easy to achieve a bright saturated color. Moreover, it is absolutely not noticeable that the lips are layered.
It is very comfortable to wear: there is a slight humidity and an absolute lack of stickiness. There is no taste, no pronounced smell. It does not differ much in durability - this is, in principle, understandable. But it disappears evenly and beautifully from the lips)) If you overdo it with layers or adjust makeup without erasing the original layer, then bright pigment will clog in the folds along the contour of the lips. Now, if necessary, I completely remove the shine and apply it fully again.
Here, on the hand, applied in one motion. The first photo is in the shade. Not uniform coating and translucency visible
That same flicker appears in the sun
While the lip balm I have the feeling that he really cares. But if you just remove it, this feeling disappears. No, the lips do not dry, but if you are used to going to bed with the balm for the night, then it will also be necessary after the daytime wear of the Chubby stick.
In the shade and indoors, the shade is bright, but not flashy.

In the sun begins to play. And that same lightness appears

Rating: 5
Price: without a discount about 800 rubles.
Test period: about 2 weeks
Thanks to all!

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