Good night, everyone. I am not a fan of sparkles in such tubes, but one day I don’t know what was found and I bought as many as 3 of these sparkles! Some of them pleased me, some did not. We will discuss!
Lip gloss Divage Yummy-Yummy Candy Gloss No. 2807
She grabbed it at the end, in general, I never had anything from this brand, in fact, I did not plan to buy anything. And this brilliance itself jumped into my hands of the Girl, what a gloss it is. Lips turn into a mirror!
The hue in the tube is pale lavender, absolutely without a shimmer. Some fragrance is sweet, unobtrusive. The gloss itself is pleasant on the lips - not sticky, but dense (if you can say so about a colorless gloss). After him, lips are good
The nose is standard, but more than the gloss in this post, which makes it difficult to evenly paint over the contour of the lips.
We look on the lips. The shade as such does not, you can only trace a slight reflection of the lavender color.

I decided to experiment a little, combining lipstick and this shine.
Here is the Dior Addict No. 249 + Shine Divage. Lipstick Dior solo does not suit me, but brilliance is another matter! I think it looks cool you will not praise yourself, no one will praise
And with bright lipstick Rimmel Lasting Finish No. 214. First, lipstick solo - looks dry and felt on the lips as well
And with brilliance. The lips became more voluminous.
In general, the shine of both solo and on top of lipsticks looks beautiful in my opinion. And I also really liked the quality!
Price: 101 rub, no discount
Rating: 5+
Maybelline Color Sensational Luscious Lipgloss Lipgloss No. 130 (Crushed Candy)

This is the second splendor of this series for me. I bought it, because I just liked the sparkle in the tube, a soft pink jelly with a small silver shimmer. Everyone already knows that these babies are type of clones of the famous Jusiks - they also taste sweet, have various fragrant fragrances and almost do not give pigment to lips. But by consistency they win Jusi, because these glosses are not so sticky, it is pleasant on the lips with him. My fragrance has a fragrance menthol (I love this smell very much), plus it cools my lips for the first minutes, which is also pleasant to me personally, especially in summer. On the lips does not give a shade, but the sparkles very delicately shine in the sun.
On the lips. Nothing special, but I just like to use this sparkle

Price: 155 rub, no discount
Rating: 5
BeYu Crystal Lip Gloss Glitter No. 17
This shine is an outsider of the whole three, and indeed one of the most unfortunate shines of my entire collection. Very few reviews on this product, so I bought blindly. A shade caught on me - pink-raspberry and a lot of iridescent multi-colored sparkles, we all know how beautifully sparkles sparkle in stores under the lamps. As soon as I came into the living light, my joy disappeared ... the brilliance looked "flat", the sparkles were the size of mica. made up for them and was even more disappointed. Firstly, the shade was generally awkward somehow, the gloss was poorly distributed, I sin everything on its “nose”. But the most horrifying are those supposedly “sparkles”. They are very strongly felt on the lips! Honestly, I used to think everything - how can I feel the sparkles on my lips when I read girls' reviews? Now I fully felt this effect, they just terribly prick. It is impossible to wear this shine, unless you just touch your lips. Another minus is that it’s very inconvenient to squeeze out the gloss itself, because the tube is tough (generally licked with Dior Kiss) and even with the full amount of shine it is necessary to do this with two hands.
Even in the tube under daylight, you can see how large the sparkles are in it. Everything else, if you wipe the lip gloss, then the sparkles remain tight on them! Will have to wipe violently and for a long time

Well, he still has some pluses - the texture of the shine itself is pleasant, not sticky and very light. Pleasant berry flavor. And in the sun, sparkles shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow - beautifully.

I do not know what to do with it; throwing out a hand does not rise. Let him lie in a cosmetic bag, and then I decide
Price: about 300 rubles, no discount
Rating: 2
And a general swatch of sparkles on the hand

Shelf life: about a week
Thank you all for your attention. And Happy Birthday to me and Kseni4ka

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