Extra Green - Ados # 637

I don’t know how anyone, but in our city Golden Rose varnishes are sold exclusively in the Central Market. And somehow I got together in search of the AntiNOsfer GR 225, which had sunk into my soul from a wonderful post, but when I couldn’t find it anywhere, I took another equally interesting shade as a test. We'll see?

Full product name - Ados Extra Long Lasting # 637.
I was not familiar with the varnishes of this company, and even somehow I had not even noticed them before, although their palette was quite wide. Now, I think, I will often raid the stalls with these varnishes, since the price is more than democratic.
Detailed description: Lacquer is a dense cream, applied seamlessly. It doesn’t, even in one layer it looks good, in two more saturated. A thin brush, similar to Orly, is quite comfortable. The base + 2 layers + top dries up somewhere on average half an hour. The first layer generally dried instantly, probably in a minute, and the second was already denser, so I had to wait.
Color ... some kind of dusty green, in the shade it seems turquoise, but muffled, I like these. But in the sun, all its charm is revealed - the smallest green-turquoise (I know, strange definition) shimmer becomes visible
As for me, a manicure with such a varnish looks very nice, neat and not budgetary
The varnish is washed without problems, does not stain and does not stain. Durability 3 days for sure, I do not wear longer.
Well, now naturally a lot of photos
In the sun (caught the shimmer as she could)

This is how the shimmer looks close
In the shade indoors
On the street

Price: 15 UAH (~ $ 2)
Rating: 5!
Thanks for attention!