Essense in my p1 lip case

The first part of my post is about lip products.

Full product name in English:Essence creamy nude # 50
cap lost))
The photo:
if there is no peeling, it fits perfectly, my lips are slightly weathered, as we see the lipstick emphasized everything ...

Detailed opinion: I like the texture, it is not too dense, it can even be applied very easily, the fondant itself is glossy, the smell is a bit sweet, after application it does not feel like it glides pleasantly on the lips)) lasts about two hours if, before tea, coffee, food, I always wash my lipstick or shine, so I just can’t say if the snack can stand it, it doesn’t dry my lips, it lays flat, the packaging is quite small and simple, but very worthy lipstick for its price
next brightFull product name in English:Essence No. 48 Red carpet.
The photo:


is this flowering suit for me to wear with black arrows?
Detailed opinion: I really like the color, in texture and quality, the smell is the same as the previous one, but while she is unsure whether she is coming to me, she hasn’t appeared on the street with her yet
Full product name in English:Essence XXXL shine lipgloss 01pure chic
The photo:
Swatch: such a sponge
the gloss is ordinary, transparent nothing especially so I'll show right on my lips

Detailed opinion: simple transparent gloss, I like to apply with light makeup, when I want something light)) the gloss is not sticky, glossy, does not spread, but is not very resistant for an hour I miss it, it disappears somewhere, the sponge is unusual, but comfortable, It smells nice with something sweet, but what exactly is not clear to me personally)))
Rating:4 lowered the ball for instability
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