My favorites: Pupa and Fennel

Hello! Today I will show my most favorite varnishes. In general, I have many loved ones, but among this whole motley crowd there are a couple of undoubted favorites

The first:
Full name of varnish: Pupa Lasting Color No. 300
Detailed opinion: I love pink varnishes very much. And it’s not so easy to find a good one, because too light it is insanely difficult to apply, enamel look unnatural, and I do not like fuchsia and very bright and dark pink. But this varnish is perfect for me! 2 layers look great, no bald spots. Drying is not very ... yes, okay, this is secondary to me. It is worn without the top of the day 3-4.

Price: everywhere in different ways, from 100 to 150 rubles.
Rating: of course 5
Full name of varnish: Fennel "Fusion" nail polish
Detailed opinion: It is red. Just red, no shimmer. The color is just super! Before him, I had a lot of “red”, but it's not that. The colors were either too orange or too cherry ... etc., etc. Fennel has the purest red color! Love
It is also impossible not to say about a very comfortable brush. It resembles Rimmel varnish brushes, it is also wide and flat, but for me the Fennel brush is MUCH more comfortable :) The long cap is also very convenient, it sits firmly in the hand, which increases the accuracy of applying varnish. This is such an incredibly wonderful varnish, at an incredibly ridiculous price.

Daylight at the window:
Price: 45rub.
Rating: 5+
These are my favorites
I wish you all a summer mood;)

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