Inglot's AMC Face Blush 62 is a very bright blush

Hi girls. Today I decided to introduce you to another of my blush, this time a very bright shade of fuchsia. I bought it as a pair for YSL lipstick, the shades are similar. But I did not take into account one thing: the almost complete lack of experience with such rich colors. Frankly, for 2 weeks of use, I am still not very sure if I was able to tame them.<куда направится="" покупать="" румяна="" небанальных="" оттенков?="" в="" магазин="" проф="" марок.="" и="" я="" в="" соотношении="" цена-качество="" выбираю="" inglot.="" румяна="" из="" системы="" freedom=""> but I didn’t buy a case at first: I wanted to make sure of the quality of the product first. By the way, it is strange that the blush on the site is presented in very attractive packaging. We have not even dreamed of this.
Fine blush, completely matte. More cool undertones. In the shadow:
In the sun:.
Without smell. It is very easy to type with both fingers and a brush. Attention, a possible flaw: when typing with some brushes, they can get dusty enough, but since they are very pigmented and I need a little bit for makeup, for me personally this is not a drawback.
Blush is highly pigmented: scored blush in one go and ran a hand. Shadow photo:
In the sun:.
Blush is not so well shaded by brushes (with some brushes they can leave streaks on the cheek), as by fingertips. In the shadow:.
In the sun:.
So much for 1 cheek:.
Photo on the cheek. .
And a little more intense blush inflicted, so that in the photo they were more visible:.
Durability: 14 hours, no longer worn. During the day, do not fade.
Price: 45 UAH ($ 5.5)
Test period: 2 weeks.
I think that this is a very successful blush for its price. Yes, and the color palette allows you to roam the imagination. For myself, I still looked at the red blush.