Around Iris - Orlane Autour de l'Iris

Full name of perfume: Orlane Autour de l'Iris
A photo:
Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid: The fragrance Autour de l'Iris Orlane ("Orlan. Around the Iris") is part of the new Les bouquets d'Orlane collection. Developed by perfumer Enrico Scartezzini, this soft mealy aroma of a flower-aldehyde group opens with notes of ginger, bergamot, mandarin, aldehydes and ivy. Heart notes are represented by iris, angelic and cloves. A fragrant train composed of vetiver and musk notes.
You can easily recognize this fragrance by the image of an iris flower on a transparent bottle filled to the brim with fragrant, light lilac perfumes.
Detailed opinion: Once again, bastard in the forest from the aura of fresh-green-floral-real-ingenious, I suddenly decided that I want a perfume that is as close to this as possible ... well, at least a little. Hold this aura and live 5 working days in the city under this halo ... And I bought myself Orlane Autour de l'Iris.
Very beautiful! Immerse yourself in it like in a bouquet of blue irises ... it is in a bouquet, in green elastic long leaves ... envelops in a blue-green iris aura, calm and with purpose - for me. He lives not for himself - for me, the aroma is an altruist, he took an impromptu perfume and gave me a bouquet of my favorite flowers. That's why I say to him, “Oh, thanks, it's so unexpected and nice!”
Persistent .... All day I’m just “eavesdropping” on his head turning ... a very delicate haze of wet irises accompanies me from morning to late evening ... For me, it is almost a mono-flavor of irises, but not flat, but real, cut from the front garden near my childhood home. I do not want anything else!
I still (it seemed to me that it was a topic and a pleasure), the fragrance reminded me of a painting by an artist, practically my peer, Ivan Slavinsky, this one:
I heard my beloved Vrubel, but not unhappy - but, on the contrary, filled with happiness. So, geniuses live in Russia now. Take a breath - here is the aroma of irises ...
Price: 50 ml 2200 rub, now on Strawberry 993 rub