A-England Nail Polish Reviews

Well, finally, I got to the last varnish from my collection from A-Ingland (the rest you can see in my profile). I don’t know why I left him for later, apparently, my intuition suggested that something was wrong with him ... In general, get acquainted

Full name of varnish: A-england ascalon
Swatch: In the shade, the varnish looks like an ordinary shimmer gray varnish, well, a bit asphalt. Just like other varnishes of the collection, it is transferred to the nails in the exact color in which we see it in the bottle. But unlike other varnishes, he is more modest in the sun and can not always show his "rich inner world" to the worldDetailed opinion: Ascalon presented two very unpleasant surprises. Firstly, a brush. She was creepy. Inspired by the ease of applying the previous varnishes, I did not expect such a dirty trick - the brush was thin, some hairs constantly sticking out from the side, which stained my fingers. so I could not get closer to the cuticle, and the line itself was very uneven. I even specially ran to St. George to check if the brush there is the same ... It seems the same, but George has it more tightly, or something.
Secondly, the varnish was very thick, perhaps thicker than the rest "from the casket." By application, it can be compared with Princess Tears, the first layer goes bald spots in spite of the density, it just leaves on the base, and only the second layer can fix it. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the varnish mercilessly bubbles! In those places where I applied it denser, bubble families appeared. The same thing happened with the Princess. but I sinned on a new base. But this time I used a proven base, and I dried it well. And still half of the nails were in the bubbles
Gloss varnish has a lilac shimmer
Inside there are green and yellow sparkles
I fully admit that I came across a defective varnish, or simply old with a defective brush. But I was very disappointed in him. Well, I'll try to dilute it to begin with. Or maybe I’ll cut the brush ...
Price: 9 English pounds
Rating: 3 (for brush and bubbles)
That's all my A-England varnishes. Thanks for attention

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