Nice nude. Orly First kiss 40675

I have long been looking for the perfect skin tone. Not too transparent, not too cold, not too pink. Gentle. Here he is :)

The varnish is quite liquid, but with its color and transparency, that's it. Neutral, nice color, dries quickly. The hue is warm, creamy peach, with no visible luster. On swatches on the Internet, it is often frankly pink, I don’t know, maybe someone has a different batch or the manufacturer has changed color. Does not strip, lays down evenly. First, I will show in one layer on the base, in some places scuffs are already visible, because I wear the third day and did the cleaning yesterday:
In the sun:
With flash:
In two layers to the base (two weeks earlier)):

Rating: 5+ (definitely became my favorite)
Cost: 230 r.

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