Shiseido The Skincare Protective Lip Conditioner SPF 10 Reviews

Detailed opinion: Spring is the time of smiles!) And also it's time to wear bright lipsticks and sparkles) With the advent of sunny days, I want something juicy, berry, attracting attention. But in order to be able to enjoy spring shades, you need to take good care of such delicate and sensitive skin of the lips. Since I was tired of the old balms in the tubes, and in my sticks I ran out, I went for a new one. Honestly, I lost it .... I love sticks because they are convenient to use on the run (and I'm always late somewhere) and do not take up much space in the makeup bag. Shiseido turned out to be a useless toy for me. The balm hardly moisturizes, although in spring I have no problems with my lips. With him, the lips look somehow ... weathered. An unhealthy pink color appears. It doesn’t have color and odor, there is a spf, albeit small, only 10. I tried to apply lipstick and gloss on it, so-so, it rolls a little and the color is slightly distorted (there isn’t such a thing with others). I have a feeling that I put Vaseline on my lips for 1000 rubles, because the balm is absorbed for hours, but it does not moisturize or care. I will return to the good old Biotherm ... (
bare lips:
with balm:

Price: about 1000 r in IDB
Test period: Couple of weeks
Thanks for attention))

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