Blue handsome in my arsenal Orly Nail Laquer # 40732 Snowcone

Good afternoon, dear beauticians! I want to show you my new varnish! How do you like that color?

Full name of varnish:
Orly Nail Laquer # 40732 Snowcone
Detailed opinion:
The shade of this varnish, which is completely not characteristic of my preferences, nevertheless captivated me at first sight. Bought without hesitation paired with another varnish of blue. The color is incomparable! Sky blue! Glossy, which allows you to wear it without a top). A bit liquid. But this is not a minus for me)). It is applied easily, does not strip even in the first layer. It lies flat, dries quickly. In general, the varnish is very good) The only thing that can confuse the owners of it is that when wiping it off the nails, it will take special care to erase the varnish without staining the fingers. But this is a feature of all bright varnishes, I think. Well, let's look at it


360 rubles.
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