Complex for hair loss System 4 Sim Sensitive

Greetings to all!
I’ll start from the very beginning, my hair never really climbed until pregnancy, the first trimester they fell hellishly, I thought I would stay bald. I think many mothers are familiar with this situation. Then came the second and third trimesters, here the situation changed dramatically, a pile of new hair grew, and they did not fall out at all. There was no need to brush the comb. Well, male hormones also played here, since there was a son under the heart. I understood that with such a luxurious head of hair I have not gone all my life, but I preferred not to think about it. And so the birth passed, the baby turned three months old, and I remembered all my fears when the hair began to fall out just in shreds. The whole apartment was strewn with my hair, I competed with my fluffy cat. It feels like I molted. I mentally tuned myself in, that all right, hormones are being rebuilt, only what has grown during pregnancy will fall out, but I could not sit idly and started looking for a complex against hair loss. My choice fell on System 4, the first review was found just at the Beautician. Bribed by the fact that the instructions just indicated in the indications for use, hair loss after childbirth.
In general, the annotation indicates the following causes of hair loss, in which this complex can help:

And so, I will begin in order, from which the complex consists.

1. Sim Sensitive Bio-Botanical Shampoo - Bio-Botanical Shampoo, 215 ml

Composition in two languages ​​for the quality in Russian, I apologize, very small print:

Looks like that:
What the manufacturer promises:
Detailed opinion:
Shampoo is almost transparent, with a slight opalescence. It smells of menthol, when applied to the skin it cools it a little while baking. But not much, it does not cause discomfort. It cleans hair well, I personally have no effect on the secretion of sebaceous glands. I didn’t wash my hair less often, but it doesn’t get it dirty either. The scalp does not dry, but the tips are not so sweet. After shampoo, they urgently require the use of a mask, otherwise they feel like straw to the touch. During the period of exacerbation, she used it every time she washed her hair, and now no more than 2 times a week.

2. Sim Sensitive Oil cure hair mask - Therapeutic mask "O", 215 ml

Looks like that:
The manufacturer promises:

Detailed opinion:
A white mask, it feels like it's completely water-based. Promised to moisturize the scalp and hair. This does not work for me. I put the mask only on the roots, on the rest I put another mask. Otherwise, as already mentioned, the result is straw. It smells a little menthol, but not as strong as shampoo. The smell is pleasant. I hold about 10 minutes. Previously, during an exacerbation, she forced herself to walk with her for half an hour or longer.

3. Sim Sensitive Bio-Botanical Serum - Bio-Botanical Serum, 200 ml


Convenient lid dispenser:
Looks like that:

What the manufacturer promises:

Detailed opinion: What a bomb! In second place is alcohol, so you can imagine how quickly it evaporates. Therefore, we must quickly work with her. Convenient dispenser, with the help of it I distribute the serum "mesh" over the entire surface of the head, then rub it with my fingers. Metol cools, alcohol bakes, in general, an explosive mixture. This effect lasts on the head for about 10-15 minutes, slowly weakening. I apply this serum to the skin immediately after washing, but first squeeze the hair. Sometimes I use it, even when I wash with another shampoo. The scalp does not get dirty, hair does not need to be washed more often.
And now about the result:
I started using this complex in January, I used it for 2 months, then I abandoned it, believing that the problem was solved, I gave it to my mother. Now again I bought a new set for prevention.
And so first the total length of the bangs
And now what has grown under it, right after the start of using this complex, well, not right away, about a month later:

Well, the whole head is covered with new small hairs
The result was even noted by my hairdresser that I am undoubtedly happy, which means this is definitely not my sick imagination.
Now I use this complex 1-2 times a week. More often I don’t want, after all, it dries my hair, so I alternate. Hair is falling out now, but within reason. I do not complain about their number.
And now my doubts ... I have thoughts in my head that the new regrown hairs may not be due to the complex, but my hormones just returned to normal and the hairs themselves began to grow.
I gave half of the first set to my mother, she has long had problems with the amount of hair, he did not help her in any way. She said that it was a pleasant thing, but she did not find the undercoat in herself. Although my mother has had problems for a very long time, and probably this complex is simply not able to return the clock back.
It seems to me that this complex will cope well with hair loss caused by stress, temporary changes in the body (childbirth, pregnancy, climate change) and other not very serious problems, but if you have lost most of your hair a long time ago, then it’s not worth it count, well, or can use it as part of a more effective therapy. The opinion is very subjective.
If I say I will buy these products, yes, after the next pregnancy.
Rating: I will give an assessment to the whole complex together, as I have not individually used these products. For grown hair - 5, for dry hair - 3 (this applies more to shampoo and mask, whey did not affect dryness in any way)
Cost: 2300 rubles in the pharmacy, there is still a small set, it is cheaper
I hope my post will be useful to you!
You have beautiful and thick hair!

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