Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Good morning girls)
Finally, I had the opportunity to post about these two varnishes. "Introduced" - because the handsome blue Chanel never lived in its original form until the time of filming. Lucky Chanel always had a bad reputation in terms of operation)) But the way they behave on my nails lately, generally does not fit into any framework.
Lac Chanel Coco Blue # 551
The last and most beloved of all my varnishes Chanel. It looks amazing on my pale hands) It’s a pity that it cuts in one layer, if it hadn’t, I would love to wear it in this version, it’s even more tender and almost transparent, but it’s not real. In two layers fits perfectly. But it pleases me only at night or early in the morning, because after the morning shower I already notice microscopic chips on the tips of the nails. And in the evening, the manicure is no longer presentable at all. I tried to change the base and cover, all to no purpose. With bases it can peel off with a film, but with tops it just cracks and chips off pieces even faster. The best option - straight to skim nails, 15 minutes. drying the first layer + 20 min. drying the second layer. In the evening, repeat the procedure.
I’m already tired of such troubles and as soon as I am tempted by another handsome man at the Beautician, I open the box with my Chanel varnishes and paint any nails with any. By evening, the desire to buy another beautiful bottle disappears.

Rating: 2 for quality and 5 for color
Alessandro Nail Polish Nagellack # 956 Pale Blue Lagoon

I remember, as soon as I got hooked on the Beautician, the first thing I bought from reviews was this varnish)
That was about a year ago. I went to all the shops in the area and quite by accident I saw this varnish behind the glass of one of the salons. After a couple of minutes, I was already leaving the happiest place in the world) I painted their nails exactly 1 time. I really didn’t like him on the nails. The first layer disgustingly striped, the second gives too dense, some kind of not lively enamel coating. The color seemed to be the joy of the girl)
But this spring, I accidentally stumbled upon this small bottle and slightly changed my categorical opinion about it.
First of all. but keeps on my nails for 2 days And secondly, the color turned out to be pretty nice and not at all flat. Of course, it will look better on tanned hands, but on my pale ones, as it seems to me, it does not look too foreign.
The tech, however, I wear it without base and top on pre-fat-free nails. Dries approximately like Chanel, 15 min. first and 20 min. second layer.
Rating: 4 for quality, 4 for color

And how are you doing with the durability of varnishes? That really began to think - But not to build my nails? Not because of the length or beauty, not earthy, but just so that the varnishes hold on ... Well, I don’t know, maybe I think, just cover my nails with a thin layer of gel (or what is being applied to the nails now) without lengthening? Do you think this is a way out? It's a shame to have so many beautiful varnish and not be able to enjoy it ...

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