Home Hair Care: Rescue Mask

Good day to all! Today we will talk about hair.
Sorry for the phone photos, but the best examples of how long my hair was until recently were not found.
So, I have long blond hair, prone to thinning at the ends, because they lack the strength to feed themselves to the ends. Well, of course, like everyone else, at the ends they split. I never really bothered about taking care of myself, somehow it was not brought up in me, which I regret, so now I suffer and try to restore lost years without leaving.
As a result, I recently donated the same 20 cm. I hope my hair grows quickly to become more beautiful.
But this is not exactly about this, but specifically about that one 100% effective mask that helps me quickly restore and give shine to my hair.
So we need:
- “live” yeast (1.5 packs for my hair just below the buttocks and 1 pack for shorter hair)
- burdock or olive oil (1.5 tablespoons)
Cognac (in the same proportion)
- a third of a large or half an average lemon.
I turn to swatch:
Take the yeast and put them in a deep bowl. I must say that different yeast producers make them softer to different degrees, therefore, the softer they are, the less liquid ingredients need to be added, otherwise the mask will disgustingly drain down the neck.
Slightly knead the yeast with a spoon. It can be seen that they are quite solid, so this time I made a mask in the proportion of 1/1.
Add burdock oil (although I like olive oil even more).

Take a third of a large lemon and squeeze the juice out of it (try not to squeeze the pulp, it is difficult to wash out of the hair).
Add cognac, stir and get a homogeneous consistency of medium density.

Now we need to apply this mask to the hair, distributing it along the entire length of the hair. After the distribution, I advise you to very quickly give the hair some plastic form and collect them on the back of the head (the mask dries quickly). Well, it remains to wait until the mask dries and rinse it off with shampoo (because it’s bold).
Unfortunately, I could not photograph the application process ... sometimes it’s a pity that only 2 hands ...
We dry hair (by the way, I always dry my hair in a natural way) and admire myself!
Well, this is what my hair looks like after cutting the haircut and the mask itself.
Well, my husband just absolutely can not take pictures without shaking, so sorry for the blur ...
The only negative (but not for me): while the hair is wet, it smells like yeast!
Hope that helped someone to become more beautiful!
All the best! Natalya.