First introduction to the Ainhoa ​​brand and Luxury Diamond Radiant Facial Peeling

Good day to all!
My first acquaintance with the cosmetic brand AINHOA (Ainoa) happened quite by accident. As it turned out, the Spanish brand was recently presented in Russia - since December 2011, it has not been advertised anywhere (therefore, I personally did not know about it), but I’m standing in orderly rows on the shelves of Il De Bote’s shops, and, exclusively, it does According to the seller, very good sales.
I needed peeling for deep cleansing of the face. There was no time to look for information on the Internet and read reviews (even on my favorite beautician). I decided to trust the professionalism of the consultants. AINHOA LUXURY DIAMOND peeling was recommended to me. I bought. And she was completely delighted !!!
Here is the information from the manufacturer:
Creamy peeling gommage, thanks to friction, helps to renew blood circulation and eliminates pollution. Frequent use of peeling makes the skin radiant.
Glass jar
Peeling itself
Skin peeling
Detailed opinion:
First, I’ll say that I have oily and problem skin. Without deep cleansing in any way. I really liked the peeling LUXURY DIAMOND. This turned out to be the first product that cleanses the skin so gently and at the same time, does not injure and does not dry. All due to micro-particles. After use, the skin is fresh and soft, peeled. Sometimes after peeling I put on a mask, it acts even more actively, sometimes it’s just a cream and the skin feels great. I do peeling about once every 1.5 - 2 weeks, more often there is simply no need. I think that owners of normal skin need to use the product even less often.
As for the composition, the peeling contains diamond powder (due to which deep cleansing takes place), black caviar extract, which nourishes the skin, and peppermint extract, which refreshes well.
The peeling itself looks like a kind of light mint paste with micro particles of diamond powder (which they could not be fixed in the photo, but they are clearly felt on the skin). The smell is unusual mint, somewhat similar to chewing gum (in the composition there is mint, as I already wrote, this is the origin of the aroma). I will not say that I am delighted with the smell, but it is quite pleasant.
The jar itself looks simply luxurious. As they say "expensive and rich")) But the truth is, it is pleasant to put such a product on a shelf in the bathroom and enjoy it. The diamond on the lid is also a very nice addition. A spatula is included for hygienic product recovery. A volume of 100 ml is a lot, given that peeling is very economical, I think that it will last a long time.
Rating: 5 (and I’ll definitely buy it again when this jar is over, and this will happen soon)
Duration: 3 months
Price: 3 500 rub. in Ильle de Beauté without a discount. Given the cost-effectiveness of the product, the price is quite adequate.

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