Arab motifs and a bit of creativity

Hi girls!
I think oriental makeup leaves few indifferent
A girl with such eye makeup looks mysterious, languidly looking with a deep bright look, and men are simply mesmerized
No wonder, apparently, with the word "east" immediately the imagination draws portraits from books with Arabic tales
Therefore, my makeup today will be devoted to Arabian tales and oriental princesses.
1. For ever I wear a base for shadows

2. I take a salmon shade on the brush and apply it on the entire eyelid

3. I draw a semi-matte golden hue in the inner corner of the eye
Then we blend it well so that there is no "sick eyes" effect

4. I attach a strip to the outer corner of my eye (I use straight stripes for a jacket)
5. I paint the outer corner of the eye with frosted chocolate shadows and walk along the arc before reaching the inner corner

6. I use the mother-of-pearl brown shadows to blend the border of the matte eyeshadows, and apply the mother-of-pearl shades to the corner of the eye and under the brow

7. I draw an arrow with a liquid eyeliner

8. I unstick the strip, eat a new one and glue it so that an acute angle forms

9. In the resulting corner I put cream pearl shades

10. Glue the strip even lower and draw a thin lower parallel to our first arrow

11. I draw the inner corner - I make it sharp, and also draw a line from the inner corner to the middle of the century, while making the tail sharp and thin, this is our third arrow

12. I paint mascara

That's all!  

Thanks for attention!

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