Mary Kay Cream Eye Color. Iced cocoa

Detailed opinion:
I never really had a passion for shadows, but you can’t stay completely without them. I decided to try cream, at least look at this miracle. Sniffed at tyrneda, chose and ordered. And so they arrived - Mary Kay with the beautiful name "Cold Cocoa".
Nice jar made of thick plastic, a decent volume - 4.3g. how to smear it now. There is no smell. For centuries after application, they are not felt, do not remain creamy, just dry. I apply shadows with a brush. It is well typed, distributed a little more complicated than ordinary dry ones. I have a girlish memory and forget to periodically wash the brush, and the next time the sparkles are sprayed off the brush.
It’s impossible to wear shadows on my oily eyelids without a base; I don’t say how they behave on normal eyelids. At the base they sit as expected (Too Faced Shadow Insurance).
While swatch did 30 times swearing: then it was crooked, as luck would have it, then the focus disappears. I tried, but what happened, it turned out

In the sun

In room:

Electric light:

In 6 hours

300 rubles
4 for fading by the end of the day (which I did not notice before writing the post)
Test period:
Six months and 15 times.
I hope it was helpful.

Watch the video: Everyday Mary Kay Makeup Look. Cream Eye Color Iced Cocoa & Beach Blonde (October 2019).