Guerlain Ombre Eclat 1 Shade Reviews

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Bright, warm, sparkling, summer days.

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 1 Shade # 187 L'Instant d'un Soupir

Guerlain's mono-shadows, however, like Chanel, Dior are ideal, there is nothing to complain about, except that I would like more shades in the palette. For me, these are the second mono-shadows of Guerlain (the first were the sensational once lilac-gold # 161).
Gold glossy box with a traditional dust collector, black velvet bag, convenient applicator / sponge. With 3.6 grams of bronze brown with bright golden shimmer shadows. The shadows are tightly pressed, which is why (after the malleable Chanel odnushki) they are typed and give a little pigment, the situation, as always, is saved by the base under the shadows (in my case, Lumine). Shadows can crumble just a little, but having caught it, the need for cotton pads under the eyes disappears, otherwise there are no complaints. They are stewed superbly, durability is the whole working day, in case your day at 18-00 is not going to end, I recommend using the base, they will not slip with it, will not disappear and will not lose in pigment and brilliance. I recommend typing them on a brush with a dense short brush, for example, MAC 239, which will reduce the "flowability" to zero.
Such shades, of course, are ideal for the summer season and the period of holidays in warm beach places. They appeared to me completely out of place, at the end of winter, when they looked on pale skin, to put it mildly, alien, the bronzers on the cheekbones and along the contour of the face did not save the situation. And now, when the temperature reaches a 30-35 degree mark, the sun is at the peak of its activity, and the skin of my face has been slightly touched by a tan, # 187 L'Instant d'un Soupir is about time.
Guerlain's mono-shadows are endless ...

daylight without direct sunlight (shows pigment perfectly, shimmer shields), the shadows are applied to the base

before our eyes: ideal for a simple summer bronze look
# 187 L'Instant d'un Soupir plotted on the movable and lower, the smallest gold shadows Loreal + shading of the contours of Gerlen’s shadows by them were added to the corner, the lower eyelid and a little bit of the mucous were worked out with a brown pencil.
The completion of summer makeup with brown shadows can serve as a little bronzer on the cheeks instead of blush and a drop of shimmer on the protruding parts of the cheekbones. clear lip balm and coral polish.
daylight and in bright sunshine:

Volume 3.6g
The term of use is 4 months, active 2 weeks.
The price is about 1600 rubles. without discounts IDB
Subjective rating 5

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