Ballerina Passions with Essence Ballerina Backstage

I'm right off the bat, if you don't mind))
All products (mine)) are in glass jars with a plastic lid. It’s very nice to hold in your hands)) True, it’s not very nice to get your fingernails in there (by the way, I apologize in advance for the non-super-aesthetic appearance of the products - I just can’t get myself used to taking pictures immediately after purchase).
1. Essence Blush Souffle
Cream colored blush
There is only one shade, but, in my opinion, it will suit all tones and undertones of light skin - it gives a completely natural coating of a light natural blush. But first of all, of course, a product for snow white (I know that many fair-skinned girls suffer from the fact that they can’t pick up a blush, well, this product is for them)
Blush - delicate mousse souffle:
When rubbing / shading give a powdery finish:
But what happens to them if you smear them with your finger:
It is when applied with a finger that they are practically invisible, only from the inside there is such a hint of a light blush:

Whoever doesn’t like this, they can be applied with a brush, then the coating is denser, more noticeable:

Of course, the product is silicone, so some should be careful, but I'm not afraid of them and am quite satisfied - visually blush smoothes the skin a little and does not make the pores even larger.
They are not super resistant. Especially on my skin, which eats everything that is put on it. Although this is more true for brushing, when applied at 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. there remains a slight hint. but if you rub it with your finger, they are as if so practically not visible, but this "invisibility" lasts almost until the evening. Somehow like this. Well, you can, by the way, fix them with a transparent powder, they say, helps to extend the durability. I don’t have one right now, so I don’t know.
What’s the bottom line: Personally, I like blush - and the texture itself, and the natural effect and color. I would really like the same ones in peach tones, but alas ...
Rating: 5.
2. Essence Eye Souffle 01 Dance the Swan Lake.
Shadows and at the same time base under the shadow:
In a jar, they seem to be beige and milky, but in fact it is a white mousse with a slight pinkish:
The texture is also a souffle, but it differs from blush - there is no powdery finish, lighter and wetter, probably.
This is how it can be applied to the eye to slightly align the color of the eyelid:

I also like a slightly denser coating:
These shadows are quite persistent, well this is understandable, they are positioned and how. They are not as resistant as vivienne sabo (I can only compare with it). Well, until the end of the working day they’ll contain in principle. But it’s very convenient to take on trips (as well as other shadows and blush too) - you don’t need a primer, you don’t need to drag a set of brushes either))
On the left, of course, without a base, on the right with. The lower and central hue are the usual pressed shadows, indeed they revealed their color on the base, became brighter and more saturated, while maintaining a dull look. But the upper ones - the shadows from the same series somehow got lost ...
Rating: well, say, 5- for not particularly stamina. But I like the color, and the versatility of the product. No problems were noted in the application or in the sock.
3. Essence Eye Souffle 02 Pas Des Copper.
A very beautiful color is golden-copper, with a silver tint. The texture is slightly stiffer than 01, although it does not threaten anything)) You can, for example, compare with the shadows of Essence stay all day: they are completely dry and harder to apply and distribute, but they are more resistant. These shadows without a base in the middle or end of the day roll in a crease, but they do not fade.
The shade is universal, easy to use - well, just put it and go yourself.

And here on the white backing from the previous shadows:
There is nothing more to say about these shadows - beautiful, comfortable, versatile.
Rating: 5.
4. Essence Eye Souffle 03 Grand Plie in Black.
I bought these shadows first and somehow for a long time I could not find an approach to them. in fact, they were on the manufacturer’s website with an explicit shimmer, and when I opened them (there were no testers in our stores for these shadows, why was there such an excess) I was surprised and disappointed a little - they are completely opaque. Yes, there are a couple of sparks inside, but they are negligible. Well, I think what to do with them ... Well, how can I get the eyeliner, but so I have them ... As a result, I found them the best (with my curvature) application - I darken the corner of my eyes.
Even here, no shimmer is visible. Well, for lovers of matte eyeliners - why not. I love glossy.
But shaded ...
Well stain stain. Surely, in more capable hands, something would come out nice and neat, but personally, before my eyes, it somehow comes out ... solid dirt ...
But these shadows, too, by the way, are positioned as a base. Remarkably, by the way, the evening effect is given to shadows by the way:
Previous shadows on a black substrate reveal their silver shimmer more, and are not lost, as on white. Well, other shadows also look interesting - they became shiny, well, and more saturated, of course.
Well, here is my standard daily option:

Assessment: ... well, I don’t know, nevertheless 4. A product that is ambiguous for me personally. With this application (well, I do not use it as a base) it will last me for 100 years
The price of all products: 40 UAH.
In general, the impression is pleasant, I enjoy using all four products with pleasure, all the same, creamy textures are more mine, I especially do not like to fool with brushes. Well, take a trip - the first thing, for me it is important.

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