Vivienne Sabo Couleurs Fraiches Reviews

Hello girls!
I would like to tell you about lip glosses in my cosmetic bag. The gloss of brands: L'Oreal, Essence and Vivienne Sabo are presented in the review.

1. Essence Stay with me # 03 Candy bar
2. Essence Stay with me # 02 My favorite milkshake
3. L'Oreal Glam Shine # 405 Crystal nude glow
4. L'Oreal Glam Shine # 04 Moon crystal
5. Vivienne Sabo Couleurs Fraiches # 06
1. Essence "Stay with me" Longlasting Lipgloss in No. 02 My favorite milkshake & No. 03 Candy bar - Permanent lip gloss of the "Stay with me" series in shades No. 02 My favorite milkshake and No. 03 Candy bar.

Detailed opinion:
These sparkles appeared in me, so to speak, “under the influence of YouTube” ... After listening to positive reviews about them, I accidentally saw them in the store and, of course, bought them. Perhaps now you will shower me with tomatoes, but I do not share the general puppy's enthusiasm for these sparkles. I will explain why: they are sticky; as soon as I put this gloss on my lips, I immediately have a desire to erase it. In a fit of shopaholism, I bought as much as two shines of this series, by the way, the choice of colors is very small. They have an original applicator, probably the innovative development of this brand of cosmetics. Of course, I’ll crawl them, they’re not so nasty to throw them away. But I won’t buy it anymore, maybe I will try other lip glosses of this brand.
Rating: "3+"
2. L'Oreal Glam Shine Liquid Lip Color in No. 04 Moon crystal & No. 405 Crystal nude glow - Moisturizing lip gloss in shades No. 04 Moon crystal and No. 405 Crystal nude glow.

L'Oreal Glam Shine # 04 moon crystal

L'Oreal Glam Shine # 405 crystal nude glow

Detailed opinion:
At the moment, these are my favorites, and specifically No. 04 (I have already bought the third in a row). Good consistency, non-sticky, persistent, unobtrusive smell (as for me). They contain sparkles that awesomely shimmer both in sunlight and in artificial light. These very spangles are very small and imperceptible on the lips. When applied to the lips, the color of the gloss overlaps the natural color of the lips, but if you apply a thin layer, a translucent coating is obtained.
Rating: "5"
3. Vivienne Sabo Couleurs Fraiches Vinyl Lipgloss in # 06 - Couleurs Fraiches Series Lacquer Lip Gloss in shade # 06.

Detailed opinion:
I use this shine when doing daytime makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. It has a translucent glossy finish, but perhaps its "translucency" depends on the selected shade. My opinion about him is brilliance as brilliance. Its downside is that it is unstable, after using it there is no sensation of dry lips. A convenient (for me) brush - applicator allows you to accurately apply the product.
Rating: "4"

I hope my subjective opinion somehow helps you when choosing and buying another lip gloss. Be always beautiful and loved!