Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation Oil-Free SPF 15 Reviews

Hello, beauties!
This post will be dedicated to my new friend - Clarins Ever Matte Foundation SPF 15 Foundation with a stable matting effect.
I ask for a cat :)

Another far from the most successful foundation cream ended and I went in search of a new remedy. I came to the store for Estee Lauder Double Wear Light cream, the probe of which pleased me. But after trying it again ... I changed my mind about buying (it was very noticeable on my face, leaving yellow stains - if not rubbed instantly). Looked sadly around, approached the Clarins counter with little enthusiasm. I tried the first thing that caught my eye ... And now! A few minutes later I was already pleased to bring to the cashier a new cream - Ever Matte Foundation SPF 15 Oil Free # 108 =)
Introduction: I am the happy owner of combination skin with problem areas on the cheeks (post-acne, present, although already much less frequent inflammation ... while the skin in this area is dry! ... think about how much sebum forms inflammation ...)
For the summer we needed a light cream that did not give shine, did not emit peeling (there are creams that show even what I did not see on my face!), pleasant to use and wear, and, of course, masking.
So it turned out to be a new tonal)
Information from the box:

For me abracadabra - Composition:

In the absence of special problems on the skin, this cream is invisible
And now it's time to scare others!
For the faint of heart, please close your eyes and sharply scroll down =)))
Foundation in the case. That is my problem area.
So, macro to the studio!
With foundation:
Disguise and alignment (from my experience) - quite on the level.
It is worth considering that live skin looks better than through a lens.
In the photo, no matter how puffed up, the tone is somehow yellowish (apparently, the sun was setting at the wrong angle))). In life, the shade is more natural, it is 100% suitable.
The finish is matte-powdery, after some time the cream “fits” and adjusts to the skin tone. The face looks livelier and prettier)
My marks:
Disguise - 4+ (with its light, breathing texture, you can give 5)
Haze - not all day, but quite good
Comfort - 5!
A nice plus - it smells like mimosa for my taste!) I really like it)))
Price: a day, a 35% discount on Clarence went to me for 1036r. (WG)
Testing period: more than 2 weeks
I advise you to try the owners of combination / oily skin.
That's all! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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