Time-tested novelties of my makeup cosmetic bag: Dior, Belweder, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Klorane, Payot

Good day, beauties!
Traditionally, after a certain period of time, I publish posts about my newcomers to the line of care products. Over time, there are fewer new products, products that have been tested over the years firmly "settle down" in the makeup bag, but even now there are at least two new products for me that will fix their place on the shelf in the bathroom. The rest were less pleased, somewhere I missed, but still they deserve attention.

So, initial data:
24 years old, normal skin, sometimes sensitive, in the cold peeling on the cheeks and the area around the nose. Wrinkles are not indicated, only from dryness and moisturizing around the eyes. There are single inflammations and rashes, the lifestyle leaves its mark: now the main problem is a dull complexion, lack of sleep, which is primarily reflected by swelling in the area around the eyes. Lifestyle and work involve regular business trips.

1. Dior Huile Douceur Demaquillante Express Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil - Makeup Remover Oil

Perhaps mymajor discovery recently. For a long time I was looking for makeup remover from the whole face, including the area around the eyes. Most of the products (gels, cleansing creams, mousses) are recommended not to be used on sensitive and thin skin around the eyes, so my make-up remover for the last five years has consisted of 4 products: milk for removing makeup for the face, two-phase liquid for eye makeup, directly in contact with water means (mousse, gels, creams), and completed the procedure - tonic or thermal water.
with Dior oil, the whole process is now made up of two products: the oil itself and any Clarins tonics (with chamomile or iris - according to skin needs).
Oil of a transparent color, with a faint yellow tint, liquid consistency, a convenient dispenser with a limiter / latch gives the optimum amount of oil for washing with two clicks. First, I apply it to the area around the eyes by diluting it with a few drops of water (by the way, I still use two-phase liquid in case of intensive makeup and several layers of mascara, which now happens infrequently, at most once a week, and most often these are basic shadows and a brown pencil in the intermuscular space, mascara - not every day). The makeup dissolves, I wash it off already with plenty of running water. The second press is used to make-up the entire face - I also add a few drops of water in the palm of my hand with oil, I put my palms against my face, easily massage and wash my face. Then I complete the cleansing procedure: I wipe the skin with a cotton pad with tonic, after the disc is completely clean, there are no traces of mascara or powder on it.
The oil foams well, has a light, absolutely unobtrusive odor, is very economical, I think when washing twice a 200 ml package, it will last 4-6 months.
Volume 200ml
Price 1600 rub. no discount Letual
Rating 5+
Duration of use 3 weeks

2. Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum - Anti-aging serum that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and renews the skin

Approaching the turn of 25 years, you often think about anti-aging care. Once again, going up to the shelf with one of my favorite Clarins brands, my hands reached for a second moisturizing serum, but here, it dawned on me as it turned out in vain: just moisturizing is now not enough for me, I have to start the fight against possible first wrinkles, and without reading reviews and trusting the brand, I grabbed a serum with such a nice-hearing name - Anti-aging serum that prevents wrinkles and renews the skin. And I began to use this serum every day: at night with Clarins moisturizer, and in the afternoon on my own.
The serum is white in color with a light pink tint, a barely noticeable floral smell, delicate texture, it does not feel on the skin, it is absorbed in a couple of minutes, in general, the tactile sensations when using are the most positive.
The tube has a convenient dispenser (for me in general this form of packaging is the most convenient, especially on the road and business trips), one full press is enough for one application. Both the powder and the foundation perfectly fall on the serum, nothing rolls and does not clog, it is distributed evenly on the skin. And it is worth noting that makeup with her lasts longer and better than without her or with a moisturizer.
Later it turned out: this serum is for the 35 + age category ...) Nothing, for prevention, I thought, would do, and besides, I’m not going to switch to anti-aging care completely.
Two months later, there are no changes on the skin: serum does not affect complexion, hydration, however, I sincerely want to believe that using such anti-age products at such an early age, I thereby make investments in the bright future of my skin.
Volume 30ml
Price 2800 rub. without discounts IDB
Grade 4
term of use 2 months

3. Estee Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line / Wrinkle Eye Creme - Eye Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream

Superamental cream, only after purchase saw an age line of 45+. It was necessary so to miss! It would be perfect for my mom. This cream was a duplicate cream around the eyes, the main and favorite La prairie (about it separately and later) has not yet been surpassed.
I have been applying anti-age products for the area around the eyes for already a year, nevertheless this zone is more demanding and the first age-related signs are most often observed here and not always lightweight textures of ordinary moisturizing creams and gels are able to remove the net from dryness. And myopia, which entered my life about a year ago and lifestyle, plus constant work at the computer in the evening / night, could not have a positive effect on the skin around the eyes. Therefore, heavy artillery went into battle)
The cream is white, odorless and tasteless (checked), dense texture, but this prevents it from perfectly spreading over thin skin without stretching it, but as if speaking, because even with spot-on application, creams can stretch the skin, in the case of Estee Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line is not observed. There is a small minus cream that is poorly collected from the jar, the manufacturer took this into account, having attached a small spatula that I managed to lose on the day of purchase, now I go around with cleanly washed hands and the outer surface of the nail plate when traveling. The result of the joint work of two titans La Prairie and Estee Lauder was a deep hydration of the skin, almost complete disappearance of the wrinkles emerging from dryness. I want to note one more plus - the makeup is excellent on the cream, without slipping, if it accidentally gets on the mucous membrane, it does not irritate it.
I use it to the end, though it is hard to believe that for the prescribed 6 months I use the cream even for half, and I'll wait 15 years before moving on to creams of category 45+
Volume 15ml
Price 2,500 rubles. without discounts IDB
Rating 5
Shelf life 2 months

4. Belweder levres protecteur - Aloe Moisturizing Lip Balm

Belvedere products for my lips for a long time already mean only one thing: lips are always protected, well-groomed, moisturized, nourished. And it would seem that the same balm with scarlet only in a different design, everything would be fine: and he fulfills all the requirements listed above, there are only two “buts”: the first smell is cucumber-cucumber, the smell from childhood: transparent shines with roller applicators that always leaking and had terrible chemical odors; and the second - the balm, of course, resistant, has a glossy finish, but the resistance has to be compensated: with what? - stickiness, it is impossible to wear loose hair with it - the balm will be smeared on your face and discomfort on your lips will leave you only with the disappearance of Belvedere from them.
Here’s what happens, combine the manufacturer’s care and the decorative component ... though there are exceptions - Biotherm balm
Still, the usual fondant stick Belvedere with scarlet is old, good, proven, but I won’t take this one anymore.
The price is 150 rubles. in city pharmacies
Grade 3-
Test period 1 month

5. Klorane Mask with mango butter - Mask for dry damaged hair with mango oil

At Klorane, I always loved shampoos: with natural herbs, a pleasant herbal smell, although uneconomical, due to their consistency and the manufacturer's declared natural composition, they foam poorly, but cleanse the scalp and hair perfectly, and from one use. She took the mask for the first time.
The mask is yellow-orange in color, medium-dense texture, pleasant unobtrusive fruity aroma, designed to restore damaged hair, which are mine (thin, sparse by nature, a length just below the shoulders). I use the mask 1-2 times a week, after shampooing, apply on the hair, rub in the roots, put on a towel, wait 10-15 minutes, wash off. At the first application she was frightened: she went into the bathroom mask in a bright yellow, almost ocher color. Result: soft, fluffy, airy hair, cutting ends I do not observe. Of the minuses - immediately after applying the mask and drying the hair in a natural way, it is impossible to lay them, collect them in a tail, buns, they do not listen, the second negative stat is scattered, which is removed only by applying the conditioner balm after the mask, otherwise the irritation from hair sticking to the face will outgrow outrage. Therefore, I use the mask exclusively in the evenings and dry my hair well before bedtime.
Conclusion: Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense is Better! At the end of the mask Kloran, I will return it to Kerastaz.
Volume 200ml
The price is about 1000 rubles. in city pharmacies
Rating 4+
Test period 2 months

6. Payot Creme Douce Soothing Recostructing Care - Soft Restorative Cream for Combination and Oily Skin

And here is another excellent student. I had a good impression of the Payot brand: no one really scolds her and there are a lot of positive reviews. This is the first brand product in full (before that there were only a few probes). A convenient form of packaging is a tube with a dispenser, a cream of white color with a subtle grassy odor, medium density, it is not as convenient to apply as Clarence serum, due to different textures, but applying it by dropping cream with fingertips, rather than spreading it with short strokes on the skin, gives result.
After two days of application at night and in the morning, redness and peeling of the skin from wind and dry air have passed, the cream is really ideal for sensitive skin, it softens, evens out skin tone, its presence is not noticeably perfect. I would call Payot Creme Douce Soothing Recostructing Care the ideal cream for my skin, which is strange and even a little alarming, because the manufacturer declared it for completely different types: oily and combination.
Volume 40 ml
Price 1900 rub. no discount Letual
Rating 5+
Test period 3 weeks

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