Rouge Noire manicure with Chatte noire No. 018

This time I decided to dilute the spring pink-pink with a dark manicure.
The color is pretty classic, but I wanted to dilute it a little. I’m asking everyone about what happened!

Full name of varnish: Chatte noire No. 018.
Detailed opinion: This is my first varnish of this company. Refers to the line "Enamel". According to the manufacturer - it gives an even monophonic matte finish. The matte effect, in my understanding, is somewhat different (such as, for example, matte finish - absolutely without gloss). Perhaps the manufacturer had in mind the complete absence of any shimmer. Anyway.
I took it because of the color, because in my opinion, it is somewhat similar to Chanel varnish in the shade of Rouge Noire. Only for my taste Chatte noire goes into chocolate more, and Chanel still has a colder undertone.
Varnish - cream burgundy on a black base. A little shade of dark chocolate. Gives gloss at the finish, which I reinforce with the top. (the force of habit is evident - I never wear solo varnish, only with base and top)
I really liked the texture of the varnish - moderately liquid, easy to apply. The color of the varnish on the nails is exactly the same as in the bottle in 2 layers. I wear it for 5 days. It is nice that he did not give chips and cracks.
In this post I will show a variant of this varnish as a French-noire, a shimmer varnish with burgundy sparkles (to the tone of the post hero) came out as a tone for the free edge of the nail. What I ended up with - look at the swatch.

Price: 100 p.
Rating: 5

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