Two casket OPIs ... Rally Pretty Pink NL S19 and Red Shutter NL E55

Hello dear ladies!
Strange, but I never saw a single review of red craquelure on our site. I decided to make up for this moment.
Who cares, please, under the cat. (A lot of photos.)

Why out of the casket? Just because they were bought as a pair. :)
About a year ago, I wandered around a shopping mall and came across a previously unknown cosmetics store Merle Norman. I did not find anything interesting for myself there. I chose one lipstick for myself (well, so as not to leave without shopping at all) and got ready for the checkout. On the way to the checkout, they discovered varnishes of the then unknown brand of OPI to me. (Just don’t laugh! Yes, a year ago I didn’t know about OPI!) I looked at the varnishes and ... again gathered at the checkout, noticing anything interesting. But the cons girl showed me a series of craquelure lacquers. Before that, I did not have a single craquelure. Therefore, without hesitation, I chose red. Because I love red varnish in all its shades and manifestations. I decided to pick up a pair right there on the spot (still leaving with two varnishes from the store is nicer than with one). But I could not pick up a couple: everything seemed banal and uninteresting. Then the consultant offered me one single ready-made pair with red craquelure, packed in a beautiful box. So, I got two OPI from the casket (boxes). One of them directly varnish Craquelure Red Shutter NL E55:

Another - Rally Pretty Pink NL S19, was intended to be a base for cracking:

I am very glad that I acquired the red craquelure. No other shades of craquelure still interest me. But definitely luck turned out to be the acquisition of a second varnish, which was paired with paint. Firstly, because for my taste, no other varnish looks so impressive in the form of a base for red krak. I tried different options: white, and pink, and gold, and black, etc. Everything is not right, everything is somehow rude. Only Rally Pretty Pink! And secondly, this Pretty Pink was in itself a very interesting varnish. So different and so multifaceted.
Well, it's time to move from words to photos.
I proceed to manicure. Inflicted base Sally Hansen:

Then one layer of Rally Pretty Pink:

Modestly so. The tips of the nail are visible. In addition, slightly striped. Although, somehow I went with such an unobtrusive option.
Next I apply a second coat of Rally Pretty Pink:
The tip of the nail no longer shines through. There are no strips. Everything is becoming more interesting. The varnish fully reveals its color. And he begins to play with colorful tints in different lighting conditions. It’s either bronze (photo above) or lilac with multi-colored sparks:
That pinkish silver:
In this photo he glitters with gold:
Here it is definitely lilac and you can even see the green shimmer:
Here, a delicate lilac-pink is enough:
About the quality. Very comfortable, slightly flattened brush. Three strokes are enough for me to completely varnish the entire nail. Dries fast. The first layer dries for 2-3 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to completely dry the second one. I have already had this varnish for more than a year, and it hasn’t thickened in any time.
Next, we proceed to the craquelure itself. I apply only one coat (3 brush strokes). And here is what we have:

The color of this varnish is burgundy red. There is absolutely no shimmer or glitter. The consistency is exactly the same as Rally Pretty Pink, quite liquid. For a year of my life, I also did not thicken a lot. On the brush it shines moistly like a regular varnish. But after application, it immediately becomes completely matte. I do not like such a matte result at all. Therefore, I wait for the varnish to finally "part" on the nail and immediately put on some top. For example, this one:
Now everything looks much more attractive:
Well, a photo of manicure in different lighting conditions:

As you can see, thanks to an interesting basis under the craquelure, in general, manicure does not look corny, but also not rude (as for me personally many types of paint).
One more photo:

It’s out of focus, but it’s obvious how the manicure generally looks on the hand:
This manicure lasts for 5 days without chips and scuffs on the tips of the nails. She also wore such a pedicure - great!
Rating for both varnishes 5.
I don’t remember the price at all (since it was a long time ago).
Thank you for reading!

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