Maybelline Affinitone Mineral # 50 Sun Bronze (Honey Beige)

Not my first Maybilnin, and honestly, I do not understand how they differ from each other, except in name.
Probably, this foundation is more suitable for dry skin. It hurts to shine quickly, I begin. Of course I use matting napkins, but the tonalnik remains on it. I am saved by the fact that before leaving the house I’m wet my face with a napkin, without this in any way, because on the nose the tonnik starts to change color. It becomes brighter. Then again I slightly correct the makeup with the same foundation and go. I can’t say that this is the worst foundation I have had. keeps all day, does not float anywhere. I don’t particularly touch my face with my hands, so I can’t say anything about stamina after touching, but it keeps me well. It seems to me that the pores are not clogging. Coverage is also good, does not look like a mask. Minor flaws gloss over well.
on top of the skin without tonal, on the bottom with cream.
Leather without tonic
with him

Rating: 4
Price in the region of 360-380 rubles
Duration of use: about 4 months